OGAWA Yoshimi

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OGAWA Yoshimi
Yokohama National University
International Strategy Organization
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Master of International Affairs(University of Tsukuba), Ph.D. in Media and Governance(Keio University)
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Graduate School, Division of Area Studies, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Literature, Waseda University

Published Papers

A Korean who taught Japanese in 1930s Vienna:Do Cyong-ho (ToYu-ho) based on Finnish and Japanese sources
Chikako Shigemori Bucar
Koreans in Central Europe To Yu-ho,Han Hung-su,and Others   33-44   Aug 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Research on Japanese Teacher at the early stage:Wakimuzu and Hungary
The Rediscovery of Eurasia :Areas and Languages of Eurasia      2009
Academic Exchange and Public Relations
Research in the Japanese Language : infinite Possibilities of Language      2008
The complete picture of "Keynote of Japan's History" -Tsutomu Kuwaki's First academic lecture in Helsinki
URALICA No.13   13   2003
Outline of the Lecture Entitled "Sprit of the Meiji Restoration" : Tsutomu Kuwaki's Lectures on Japanese Culture at Helsinki University
OGAWA Yoshimi
Journal of International Student Center, Yokohama National University   10 67-82   2003


Proposal for better learning Circumstance

Books etc

Phonological system of Japanese for Finnish Speaker

Conference Activities & Talks

Tracing the voices from Japanese lecturers in prewar Europe
Sep 2017   
Yoshimi Ogawa
Research and Study Possibilities in and on Japan   May 2015   JSPS, University of Helsinki
Japanese Teachers in Prewar Italy and France: Insights from Various Materials
European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists(EAJRS)   2013   
The Japanese language instruction in Germany and Austria before 1945: knowledge and information obtained by multifaceted research
EAJRS 2012, European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists, Bridging the gaps past and present Japanese resources in the digital age,   Sep 2012   
Do Cyong-Ho as Lecturer for Japanese Language in Vienna: Materials from Finland and Japan
New findings on early informal exchange and personal relations between Koreans and citizens or either the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy or its successor-states,   Jan 2012