MORRONE Michelle Henault

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MORRONE Michelle Henault
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
School of Human Care Department of Child Care
Job title
Ph.D.(Nagoya University), M.Ed.(Harvard University), FALCON Japanese(Cornell University), BA(Ohio University)
Other affiliation
Uppsala UniversityNagoya University


Comparative education from an anthropological perspective, current research looks at early education environments in Japan, Sweden, Finland, and the United States. Of particular interest is how cultures address increasingly multicultural environments within an ESD framework designed to address the concerns of all stakeholders; how sustainable development goals affect individual values regarding inclusion, gender, and equality.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2009
Script Writer, Editor, Main Speaker, World Liberal Arts Centre, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Apr 2007
Program Manager, International Exchange Committee, Program Coordinator, Australia Internship Program
Apr 2002
Part Time instructor, Multicultural Education and Social Issues in Japan, NUPACE, Nagoya University
Apr 1994
Editor, University Bulletin, Graduate School of Education, Social Development, Nagoya University
Apr 1992
Editor, text writer, speaker, English Topics, Hamajima Publishers
Apr 2019
Sep 2019
Professor, Organizer, Scandinavian Research Program, Human Care Department, Nagoya Univeristy of Arts and Sciences
Apr 2011
Jan 2013
Professor, research post awarded, Center for the Internationalization of Schools, Uppsala University
Apr 1996
Apr 2012
Professor, Research advisor, Graduate School - Education Section, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Graduate School
Apr 1994
Apr 2006
Associate Professor, English and Comparative Education, School of Global Business and Economics, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
Apr 1994
Apr 2002
Part time instructor, Comparative Education, Education Department/Graduate School of Sociology and, Nagoya University


Jan 1997
Jun 1988
Comparative Education-International Education-Japan, MA, Graduate School,Division of International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Apr 2005
Jun 2008
Comparative Analysis of the Concept of Community in the PTA of us & JAPAN, Graduate School(名大)Education教育大学院Ph.D, Ph.D. Graduate School-Div.of Education(名大)教育大学院Ph.D
Jun 1980
Jun 1981
FALCON Full-year-concentration-Japanese, Department of Japanese Studies, Cornell University
Mar 1977
Jun 1980
Comparative Literature, Faculty of Literature, Ohio University
Jan 1976
Jan 1977
Core Studies, Psychology, granted early admission during high school, Kent State University

Committee Memberships

Jun 2011
Harvard University  Harvard Alumni Association of Sweden
Apr 2007
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences  Australia Kenshuu Program Director
Apr 2006
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences  International Exchange Committee
Jan 1992
American Chamber of Commerce Japan  Walkathon Committee
Apr 1990
Harvard University  Harvard Alumni Association of Japan
Jun 1988
Harvard University  Harvard Alumni Association
Jun 1988
Harvard University  Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni Association
Jun 1980
Ohio University  Ohio University Alumni Association
Apr 1994
Mar 2006
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  English Entrance Exam Committee
Mar 1994
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  International English Committee - comparative studies
Apr 1994
Mar 2006
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  Student Education Committee
Apr 1994
Mar 2006
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  Discussion and Debate Committee
Apr 1998
Mar 2001
Ikatsu Elementary School, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Japan  PTA, Kaicho
Apr 1990
Mar 1994
Nagoya University  English Entrance Exam Committee
Apr 1991
Mar 1992
Nagoya University  Library Reform Committee

Awards & Honors

Mar 2001
Elected PTA President, First Woman in Japan, Ikatsu Elementary School, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Held position for three years, chairing and advising programs and activities for the elementary school parent/teacher association. Attended city wide, prefectural, and national PTA-related meetings.
Summa Cum Laude, Ohio University

Published Papers

Japanese Warabeuta; A nursery rhyme in body, soul, and mind
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
The Journal of Childhood International - International Focus Issue   88(5) 315   Oct 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Japan's Parental Leave Policy: Has if affected gender ideology and childcare norms in Japan? A look at other countries' policies
MORRONE Michelle Henault Morrone and Yumi Matsuyama
The Journal of Childhood International - International Focus Issue   86(6) 371-376   2010   [Refereed][Invited]
Local Citizenship and the Japanese PTA
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Journal of the Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Human Care Department   1(1)    Mar 2007   [Refereed]
CISV Summer Seminar Camps and Multiple Intelligences,"
MORRONE Michelle Henault, Hiroko Mizutani
CISV Interspectives   19(1)    2003   [Refereed]
Multiple Intelligence and Curriculum Reform in Japan
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   5(1)    2002   [Refereed]
The Prevalence of Warm Communication in a Privatized World; Friendship Among Japanese Youth in Contemporary Japan
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Japanese Society   4(1) 6-24   Apr 2001   [Refereed]
More Than Cake and Candles; Birthday Celebrations with Meaning
MORRONE Michelle Henault
ACEI Focus on Pre-K and K Fall Issue   Fall(2)    Sep 2000   [Refereed][Invited]
Parent Education and the PTA; A Case Study from Three perspectives; Insider, Parent, and Researcher
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Bulletin of the School of Education, Nagoya University   46(2)    2000   [Refereed][Invited]
Teaching in Japan
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Journal of the School of Global Business and Economics   4(1)    1999   [Refereed]
Individualism in Japan
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Journal of the School of Global Business and Economics, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   3(1)    1998   [Refereed]
Language Learning and self-Discovery Through Multiple Intelligence Theory
MORRONE Michelle Henault, Lanny Dryden
Taiwan TESOL ETS-ROC   1    1998   [Refereed]
Japanese Preschools : A Survey of Non-traditional Models
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   No.1(1)    1996
The Mutability of the Concept of Intelligence: Thoughts on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multliple Intelligence
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Journal of the School of Global Business and Economics, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   2(1)    1996   [Refereed]
Celebration of the Self : Birthday Ritual in a Japanese Preschool Environment
Association of Childhood International Spring Issue   Spring(1)    1995
Nagoya Univ. of Foreign Studies   (1)    1995
ACEI (Associate Childhood Education International)      1995
Diversity Among Japanese Preschools: "Traditional Models"
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Nagoya University Bulletin of Studies in Language and Culture,   (2)    Apr 1994   [Refereed]
Occupational Mobility in the U.S. : The Attainment of White Collar Status (1865-1978.)
Nagoya University Faculty of Language and Culture   XV(1)    1993
"Public Values and Private Interests"
Nagoya University Faculty Of Language and Culture   Vol.ⅩⅢ No.2    1992
"Parental Attitudes Towards English Education for Japanese" Preschoolers
Nagoya University Faculty Of Language and Culture   Vol.ⅩⅣ No.2    1992
"Socio-Educational Implications of Extra-Curricular Classes for Japanese Children(Ages 0-12)"
Nagoya University Bulletin of the School of Education   Vol.39 No.2    1992
Occupational Mobility in the US: The Attainment of While Collar Status (1865-1978)
MORRONE Michelle Henault
Nagoya University Bulletin of Studies in Language and Culture,   15(1)    Apr 1983   [Refereed]


Nagoya University of Foreign Studies      2001
Review of Tatsuno's book, Creating Minds Journal of School of Global Business & Economics
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   (1)    1996
Celebration of the Self : Birthday Ritual of the Japanese Preschool
1    1995
Diversity Among Japanese Preschools : Traditional Model
Nagoya University Faculty of Language and Culture   XV(4)    1994
Book Review of Sheridan Tatsuno's Creating Minds.
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   (1)    1996

Books etc

Interpretation Workbook: Learning World Topics, "3. No Country is an Island; What the world has given Japan and what Japan has given back"
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Contributor, Japanese/English Interpretation Specialists, University, Graduate School)
Nakanishi Gakuen Publishers   Apr 2019   ISBN:9784908523168
The chapters of this book are in discussion format, simulating a formal discussion at a professional, academic level. Vocabulary, expressions, and practice recordings are prepared by the author. The chapter topics represent researched in-depth i...
Interpretation Workbook: Learning World Topics, "1. Migration Issues in a Globalized World"
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Contributor, Japanese/English Interpretation Specialists, University, Graduate School)
Nakanishi Gakuen Publishers   Jan 2019   
This article presents alternative choices for the modern Japanese student, broadening knowledge via educational routes outside of Japan.
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Editor, English)
Hamajima Shoten   2020   
Writing, editing, and recording for this high school textbook has been ongoing sine 1992, with weekly editing and yearly recordings.
Inclusion Through Access to Higher Education," Increasing Access to Higher Education for "Newcomer" Pupils in Japan"
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Contributor, International researchers, education, sociology, anthropology)
Sense Publishers   2018   ISBN:9789463512268
This book, "Inclusion thorugh Access to Higher Education; Exploring the Dynamics Between Access to Higher Education, Immigration and Language," discusses the equity situation for immigrants worldwide. The chapter on Japanese newcomers broadens th...
Introduction to Healthcare for Japanese-speaking Interpreters and Translators, "The Culture of Japanese Medicine"
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Contributor, Medical FIeld Japanese Interpreters, Graduate School, Professional Development)
John Benjamins Publishing Company   2016   ISBN:978902721241 3
This chapter provides a summary of underlying cultural beliefs that affect the Japanese medical environment, equipping the interpreter with essential background information necessary for culturally sensitive, accurate communication.
The author als...
Father Involvement in Young Children's Lives; A Global Analysis, "Why Japanese Fathers Don't Take Paternal Leave"
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama (Part:Contributor, International researchers, education, sociology, anthropology)
Springer Press   2013   ISBN:9789400751545
This book discusses the diversity of parental models internationally. The chapter on Japanese fathers suggests a divergence between official legal policy and social practice.
Future of Education Forms:"Getting out of the Shell- Suggestions for Re-energizing Japanese Youth"
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Contributor, International researchers, education, sociology, anthropology)
Nakanishi Gakuen Publishers   Mar 2012   
This chapter presents alternatives to Japanese students focussing on benefits of critical thinking, discussion and in-depth study abroad
Catch-a-Wave Online Publication
MORRONE Michelle Henault, Christoper Morrone (Part:Joint Work, High level listening topics for advanced English students)
Hamajima Shoten, Nagoya Japan   Apr 2006   
This online magazine provides a variety of world topics taken from from international news sources, breaks them into topics as diverse as sports and culture to science and economics. Responsible for writing and editing all essays, as well as re...
"Extensive Reading in a CE Program," in Communicative English in Action
MORRONE Michelle Henault (Part:Joint Work, English)
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies   1999   
America Its Images and Realities
Holcuseido Press   1999   
The PTA in Japan an the United States – Volunteer Organizations Under Pressure in Two Changing Societies.
PTA Dissertation, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan 220 pages Michelle, Henault   2008   
June 30, 2008
The Changing Face of CALL “MI Theory and CALL: Personalized Education and Learning for Understanding”
Michelle Henault Morrone, Lanny Dryden (Part:Joint Work, English)
Lisse, The Netherlands: Swets and Seitlinger 61-74 L. Dryden, Michelle. Henault Morrone   2002   ISBN:9026519346
This chapter analyzes how Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence is relevant to CALL Methodology.

Conference Activities & Talks

Professionalism of Preservice Early Education and Childcare, Multicultural, and Inclusive Training as Part of ESD-Defined Quality Education in Sweden, Japan, and the US, Part 1: Japan [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
ICERI (International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation) Seville   10 Nov 2019   
The Glass Ceiling for Non-National Students in Japan [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault
AJJ (Anthropology of Japan in Japan)   8 Dec 2018   
Newcomers in Japanese Education; the Fashioning of Identity Within a Homogeneous Society [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault
EPCA (European Personal Construct Association) Edinburgh   5 Jul 2018   
The Nordic Model; How has it responded to rising immigration [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault
29 May 2018   
Instilling Values for Sustainable Development; Transfer Potential for Modest to Non-indigenous Models
MORRONE Michelle Henault
ICE (International Conference on Education) Stockholm   4 Jun 2017   
Transfer Potential - The Case of Non-Nationals in Japan. [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
HICE (Hawaii International Conference on Education)   5 Jan 2017   
Japanese Academic Meritocracy and the Potential for the Newcomer Child in Japan
MORRONE Michelle Henault
ICERI (International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation) Seville   17 Nov 2016   
Instilling Values for Sustainable Development: Transferring and ESD Art-Inspired Educational Model to Non-Indigenous Cultural Contexts [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
END (Education and New Developments) Ljubjana   12 Jun 2016   
The Potential for the Exchange of Indigenous Practices for US, Swedish and Japanese Preschools to Promote ESD Values [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
HICE (Hawaii International Conference on Education)   8 Jan 2015   
Instilling Values for Sustainable Development [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault and Yumi Matsuyama
HICE (Hawaii International Conference on Education)   7 Jan 2014   
ICT for Lsnguage Learning, Social and Cultural Impediments to the Adoption of ICT for Language Learning in Japan [Invited]
MORRONE Michelle Henault
INTED (International Conference on Technology and Education) Seville   17 Nov 2013   
“Craft in Japanese Arts Education.”
HICE (Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI, USA. Morrone, Michelle Henault 2011, January 3-8    2011   
“Japanese art education – link to the traditional arts,”
WCCES (World Congress Comparative Education Society). Istanbul, Turkey. Morrone, Michelle Henault 2010, June 10-17    2010   
“Don’t Take the Craft Out of Japanese Education, “
CIES (Comparative International Education Society) Chicago, Illinois, USA. Morrone, Michelle Henault 2010 March 1-5   2010   
“Parental Leave Policy in Japan, “
HICE (Hawaii Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI. USA. Morrone,Michelle Henault 2010,January 4-10   2010   
“The Case Study of Indonesian Care Workers in Japan.”
Global Awareness Society International. Washington, D.C., USA. Morrone, Michelle Henault and Matsuyama, Yumi. 2009 May 22-24   2009   
“Foreign Care Workers and Immigration Status in Japan – the next wave of worker immigrants”
Migration and Social Theory Graduate Conference. Trento, Italy. Morrone, Michelle Henault and Matsuyama Yumi. 2009 June 12-13   2009   
“PTA with the Community,”
PTA, Cedarburg, WI, USA. Morrone Michelle Henault   2006   
“Devotion to Community and Children – PTA Perspectives.”
Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Kamuela, HI Morrone Michelle Henault   2005   
“ Fundraising not an Issue: The case of the Japanese School.”
Waimea Elementary School, Kamuela ,HI, USA. Morrone Michelle Henault   2004   
“PTA Experience Outside of the US – The Japanese Case.”
Roosevelt School, Ravenna, Ohio, USA. Morrone Michelle Henault   2003   
“The Japanese PTA – A Community of Parents.”
St. Patricks School, Kent, Ohio, USA. Morrone Michelle Henault   2002   

Teaching Experience



"The Histry of Parent Education -A cross-cultural perspective" presentation at the日本教育社会学会
"Getting Out-the Hows and Why, of a quality Educational Experience Abrord", YWCA English Salon
"Education in the 21st Century-looking toward change" Nagoya city, Showa-ku Kuyakusho
Society for International Communication "Japan + America : Cultural gaps Understandings"
KOREA TESOL "MI & CALL" presentation

Research Grants & Projects

Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences: Scandinavian ESD Research Group
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Sep 2019    Investigator(s): MORRONE Michelle Henault
Aesthetic Education in Scandinavia
Nakanishi Gakuen: 
Project Year: Mar 2011 - Sep 2013    Investigator(s): MORRONE Michelle Henault
Awarded a paid sabbatical and research fees to perform research on aesthetic education in Finnish and Scandinavian preschools. Visiting schools, interviewing pre-service teaching staff, and discussing curricula types and outcomes provided resou...
Yamagishism's Alternative Preschool
The Other Research Programs
Gender Difference at Yamagishi Preschool
The Other Research Programs
PTA's culture -Japan & US.
The Other Research Programs

Social Contribution

Scandinavian Research Tour 2019
[Presenter, Lecturer, Planner]  Uppsala University, Turku University, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences  ESD in Scandinavia - Research Tour  28 Aug 2019 - 5 Sep 2019
ESD Homestay in Hawaii
[Advisor, Planner, Organizing Member, Contribution]  Hawaii Preparatory Academy, University of Hawaii, Kohala Institute  ESD Workshop and Seminars- Big Island  4 Mar 2019 - 16 Mar 2019
Educational Consultant
[Presenter, Advisor, Planner]  Seminar on Intercultural Education  Getting Out: Educational Possibilities Beyond Japan  10 Apr 2010 - 10 Apr 2017
Medical Interpretation Workshop
[Presenter]  Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  Medical Interpretation Workshop and Symposium  14 May 2016 - 14 May 2016
Halloween Event, Showa-ku, Nagoya; Nisshin, Japan
[Organizing Member]  Michelle Henault Morrone  Community Halloween Trick or Treat Event  (Yagumo-cho, Nagoya City; Takenoyama, Iwasaki, Nisshin City)  1 Aug 1990 - 1 Nov 2015
Organized yearly neighborhood Trick-or Treat activity for Yagumo-cho, Nagoya neighborhood, and introduced similar event to Takenoyama neighbhorhood, NIsshin neighborhoood. Prepared printed information in Japanese regarding the muliti-cultural his...
Japanese Education and Culture
[Presenter, Lecturer]  1 Sep 2011 - 1 Sep 2012
Multiple Intelligence and the Japanese Curriculum Reforms
[Lecturer]  Intercultural Education Society  Intercultural Issues Japan  22 May 2001
Societal Changes Affecting American Families and Relationships
[Lecturer]  Kinjo University, Seto Japan  Intercultural Seminar Series  15 May 2001
PTA President
[Presenter, Organizing Member]  Nagoya City Schools,Showa-Ward, Ikatsu Preschool School  PTA Meetings  1 Apr 1998 - 1 Apr 2001
Seminar: Towards the New Century
[Presenter]  Showa Ward, Nagoya, Japan  Towards the New Century-Community  17 Feb 1999
Howard Gardners's Theory of Multiple Intelligence: A Reexamination of Educational Methodology in Japan and the United States
[Lecturer]  YWCA Nagoya  English Salon - Special In-Depth Topics  30 Mar 1996 - 31 Mar 1997
The International Offices of American Universities: Treatment of Foreign Scholars, Students, and Researchers
[Presenter]  Nagoya University of Foreign Studies  University International Office Workshop  19 Jul 1995
The American Family Metamorphosed: Thirty Years of Change
[Presenter]  Nagoya International Center  Contemporary American Topics  10 Jun 1995
Varying Goals for Education: An Examination of Preschool in Three Cultures
[Lecturer]  YWCA Nagoya  English Salon - In-depth Topics  6 Jun 1993 - 7 Jun 1995