YAMA Megumi

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YAMA Megumi
Kyoto University of Advanced Science
Job title
Master of Education, Doctor of Education

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Professor, Department of Humanities, Kyoto University of Advanced Science
Apr 2002
Mar 2019
Professor, Department of Humanities, Kyoto Gakuen University
Sep 2015
Oct 2015
Visiting Scholar, Asia Center, Harvard University
Apr 2008
Mar 2009
Visiting fellow, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex
Apr 2001
Mar 2002
Professor, Seian University of Art and Design
Apr 1997
Mar 2001
Seian University of Art and Design
Apr 1993
Mar 1997
Seian University of Art and Designe
Apr 1987
Mar 1989
Research Fellow, Graduate school of Education, Kyoto University


Apr 1984
Mar 1987
Graduate school, Kyoto University
Graduate School, Division of Education, Kyoto University
Apr 1982
Mar 1984
Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University
Faculty of Education, Kyoto University

Awards & Honors

The Japanese association of Clinical Psychology[ The Encouraging Prize

Published Papers

F. G. Özkarar-Gradwohl, K. Narita, C. Montag, J. Panksepp, K. L. Davis, M. Yama & H. R. Scherler
Culture and Brain      2018   [Refereed]
YAMA Megumi
Jung Journal of Culture & Psyche   10(1) 87-96   2016   [Refereed]
YAMA Megumi
Journal of Analytical Psychology   58 52-72   2013   [Refereed]
Megumi Yama
Jung Journal Culture and Psyche   4(4) 15-32   2010   [Refereed]
Yama Megumi
鳰 : 成安造形大学研究紀要   1(1) 63-69   1994
YAMA Megumi
Kyoto University research studies in education   (33) 193-203   Mar 1987


山 愛美
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (38) 103-125   Mar 2017
山 愛美
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (36) 149-168   Mar 2016
山 愛美
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (35) 147-165   Dec 2015
山 愛美
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (33) 1-18   Dec 2014
Megumi YAMA, Faculty of Human Cultural Studies Kyoto Gakuen University
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (31) 39-60   Oct 2013
山 愛美
人間文化研究 : 京都学園大学人間文化学会紀要   (30) 101-119   Mar 2013
Megumi YAMA, Faculty of Human Cultural Studies Kyoto Gakuen University
29 60-45   Dec 2012
Megumi YAMA, Faculty of Human Cultural Studies Kyoto Gakuen University
Journal of human cultural studies   (17) 213-221   Mar 2006
Searching for healing in the images of dreams
Journal of Japanese Clinical Psyhology   Vol.19.No.2    2001
Teh Wisdom in Formative Proscess and Psychotherapy
Journal of Japanese Clinical Psychology   Vol.18 No.6    2001

Books etc

Jung`s Red Book For Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions
YAMA Megumi (Part:Contributor, The Red Book: A Journey from West to East via the Realm of the Dead)
Chiron Publications   May 2019   
Narratives of Individuation
(eds.)Jones,R.A. , Gardner, L. (Part:Contributor, Chap.3 Listening to a dream-narrative : A language for narrating boundaries)
Routledge   2019   ISBN:ISBN-10: 081536749 ISBN-13: 978-0815367499
The Routledge International Hand book of Jungian Film Studies.
Luke Hockley (ed.) (Part:Contributor, Spirited Away and its depiction of Japanese Traditional Culture.)
UK & New York: Routledge   2018   ISBN:10: 1138666963, 13: 978-1138666962
Contemporary Influences of C.G. Jung's Thought. Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies, Volume: 24
(eds.) Andrew Kuzmicki and Ilona Błocian (Part:Contributor, Non-fixed multiple perspectives in the Japanese Psyche: traditional Japanese art, dream and myth. In i)
Leiden: Brill   2018   ISBN:ISBN: 978-90-04-33663-6
Yasuo Kazuki: Yasuo Kazuki: The creation of ‘Black’. A painter who never stopped painting Siberia, the depth of creative activity and his work of art.
Megumi Yama
Tokyo: Tomi Shobo.   2016   ISBN:9784866160085
Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspective
Jones, R. A. &Morioka, (Part:Contributor, Chap.2 Listening to the narratives of a pre-modern world: Beyond the world of dichotomy.)
London: Palgrave.   2011   ISBN:ASIN: B009AUZA9W
To the depth of words: A study of words in psychotherapy.
Megumi Yama
Seishinshobo Publisher Co. Ltd.   Jun 2003   ISBN:4414400090
Experimental and Clinical Psychology
Gakujutsutosho shuppansha   1993   
The Basis of development and learning
Fukumurashuppan.   1992   
Psychosomatic Diseases of Children
Higashiyama Shobo.   1988   

Conference Activities & Talks

Exploring the Artist’s Creative Process from Intercultural and Jungian Psychological Perspectives: The Japanese Painter Yasue Kodama and Her Work
YAMA Megumi
Art and Psyche Ⅳ   Apr 2019   Pacifica Graduate Institute, IAAP
Descending into the Indeterminate state between the determinate: Recovering a connection with the world of death
YAMA Megumi
Joint IAAP/IAJS Conference   Aug 2018   IAAP/IAJS
Symposium: The Power of Image [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
Dec 2017   
The concept of kami in Shintō and Holism: Psychotherapy and Japanese literature [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
Holism: Possibilities and Problems. An international interdisciplinary conference.   Sep 2017   Esssex大学 英国
Japanese psyche: non-fixed multiple perspectives in traditional Japanese art and myth [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
Public seminar Boston Jung Institute   Oct 2016   
Japanese psyche: myth, traditional Japanese art, language, dream & psychotherapy [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
Boston Jung Institute Seminar for candidates:10hours   Oct 2016   
心理臨床に活かす描画と表現 [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
Aug 2015   
Disaster as a Religious Experience: Establishing a New Subject in the Japanese Psyche.
YAMA Megumi
IAJS/IAAP Joint Conference   Jul 2015   IAAP IAJS
Listening to the narrative in the depth: Ego consciousness in Japanese Psyche
YAMA Megumi
"The Theory of C. G. Jung Interdisciplinary Research"   Jun 2014   nstitute of Philosophy & Institute of Psychology - Wroclaw University Polish Online Journal of Analytical Psychology and International Association for Analytical Psychology
Haruki Murakami as Modern Myth Maker
YAMA Megumi
TRANSLATING MYTH   Sep 2013   Essex大学
Perspectives in Dreams and Traditional Japanese Art
YAMA Megumi
IASD Annual conference   Jun 2013   IASD:International Association of the Study of Dreams
Japanese Psyche: The emergence of subject and beginning in Japanese creative myth [Invited]
YAMA Megumi
An open meeting of Jung Forum of the British Association of Psychotherapists (BAP)   Jun 2012   The British Association of Psychotherapists (BAP)
The emergence of a subject and a beginning in Japanese creative myth
YAMA Megumi
Journal of Analytical Psychology Conference   2011   Journal of Analytical Psychology
The Wisdom in Formative Process in Art: From an alchemical point of view
YAMA Megumi
On the Edge: Psyche in Ethics, the Arts and Nature A Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology   Aug 2010   IAJS ISSS
“Silence” in Psychotherapy and a Beginning in Japanese Creative Myth
YAMA Megumi
Mythic Conference: Myth, Literature and Unconscious   2010   University of Essex
The wisdom in formative process and expression in psychotherapy [Invited]
Megumi Yama
University of Essex Open Seminar Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies   2009   
Silence:Descending to the nothingness
Megumi Yama
The journal of Analytical Psychology 9th International Congress USA San Francisco   2009   
Narratives of pre-modern world: Beyond the world of dichotomy
Megumi Yama
The structure of ego from depth psychology: A comparison bitween the East and the West [Invited]
Megumi Yama
Searching for healing in images of dreams: Beyond the world of dichotomy [Invited]
Megumi Yama

Research Grants & Projects

On the dreams of childhood
Words and Image in Psychotherapy
Wisdom in expression