ZHANG Weiming

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ZHANG Weiming
Former Institution / Organization Osaka Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas



Vibration Control of Mulliple Paraller Slructures
Vibration Control of Nigh Speed Take-Up Machine by Dynamic Vibration Absorber
42   1994
Vibration Coutrol of a Wire Rope-Type Lift
940(30) IV328   1994
A Study on Jitter of Serial Printer (Valuation of Jitter and Its Gererating Algorithm)
940(58) 313   1994
Optimal Design of A Vibration-Absorbing Apparatus Consisting of Spreing and Dashpot
95(1) VI-62   1995

Books etc

A Basic Study on Metal Timing Belt(Load Distribution of Belt)(共著)
7th ASME International Power Transmission & Geering Conference Proceedings   1996   
A Study on Jitter of Serial Printer(Vibration Analysis of Carriage)
A Basic Study on Film Belt Analysis of Tension Distribution Based on FEM)
A Study on Load Distribution of Metal Timing Belt 1st Report : Theoretical Analysis in case without Pitch Difference and Backlash)
Intelligent Motion-control, Power-transmission and Tribology   1997   
A Study on Jitter of Serial Printer. Reduction of Jitter at low speed printing)
Intellegent Motion-control, Power-transmission and Tribology   1997   


Vibration Control of Textile Machines
1991 - 1993
Vibration Control of Tool Machines
1991 - 1993
Vibration Control of Material -Flow Machines
1991 - 1993
Vibration Control of Textile Machines
Vibration control of Tool machines

Research Grants & Projects

Vibration control of Mechanical structure
Noise and Vibration of Timing Belt and Silent chain
Kinematics and Mechanics of Flat Belt