GOTOH Toshikazu

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GOTOH Toshikazu
Kindai University
Faculty of Medicine
Job title
准教授,Associate Professor
(BLANK)(*Tokyo University of Fisheries*)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University

Awards & Honors

May 2016
An award for distinguished service, The Japanese Society of Diatomology

Published Papers

Local diatom flora (2) Aka-gawa (Aka River), Turuoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
Seiji YAMAKAWA and Toshikazu GOTOH
Diatom   34 54-56   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Local diatom flora (1) Niida-gawa (Niida River), a tributary of the Mogami-gawa (Mogami River), Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Seiji YAMAKAWA and Toshikazu GOTOH
Diatom   34 51-53   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Dynamics of changes in scholastic achievement of students during the 6-year medical course at Kindai University Faculty of Medicine
Gotoh, T., Takechi, K., Oiso, N., Matsumura, I. & Iki, M.
Acta Medica Kindai University   42(2) 57-62   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Hirose, K., Yoshioka, K., Irizuki, T., Iwai, M. and Gotoh, T.
The Quaternary Research   52(5) 213-224   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
Tani, Y., Morita, Y., Sakata, M., Ohashi, N., Tsugeki-Kuwae, N. and Gotoh, T.
Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan   65(5) 264-271   Oct 2011   [Refereed]
Gotoh, T. and Kubota, H.
Diatom   26 17-39   Dec 2010   [Refereed]
HIrose, K. and Gotoh, T.
Diatom   25 21-36   Dec 2009   [Refereed]
Hirose, K., Gotoh, T., Sato H. and Yoshikawa, S.
Diatom   20 229-240   Dec 2004   [Refereed]
Evaluation of remedial education in biology at Kinki University School of Medicine
Medical Education Japan   34(5) 303-309   Oct 2003   [Refereed]
Diatom assemblages and Holocene environmental changes in coastal marsh in Osatsu, Toba, Central Japan
Hirose, K., Gotoh, T., Mitamura, M., Okahashi, H. and Yoshikawa, S.
Chikyu Monthly   24(10) 692-697   Oct 2002
Tsugeki, N., Yoshikawa, S. and Gotoh, T.
The Quaternary Research   41(3) 161-170   Jun 2002   [Refereed]
Gotoh, T., Lee, J. H. and Tsugeki, N.
Diatom   14 35-40   Dec 1998   [Refereed]
Diatom assemblages of the sediments of Futago-ike Pond in Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture
Morikawa, M., Yoshikawa, S. and Gotoh, T.
Daishiki   30 47-56   1998   [Refereed]
The change of water environment since about 1950 recorded in sediments of Sayama reservoir, Osaka, Japan
Tsugeki, N., Gotoh, T. and Yoshikawa, S.
Daishiki   30 37-46   1998   [Refereed]
Cyclotella orientalis sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) from South Korea
Lee, J. H., Chung, J. and Gotoh, T.
Phycological Research   43 145-149   1995   [Refereed]
Lee, J. H., Chung, J. and Gotoh, T.
Diatom   9 17-27   Jan 1994   [Refereed]
Lee, J. H., Chung, J. and Gotoh, T.
Diatom   9 29-40   Jan 1994   [Refereed]
Longitudinal pattern in the distribution of diatoms Achnanthes japonica H.Kob. and A. convergens H.Kob. in the Kwang River (Kwangchun), South Korea
Lee, J. H. and Gotoh, T.
Nat. Envir. Sci. Res.   7 23-28   1994   [Refereed]
Cymbella orientalis sp. nov., a freshwater diatom from the Far East
Lee, J. H., Gotoh, T. and Chung, J.
Diatom Research   8(1) 99-108   May 1993   [Refereed]
A study of diatom species Gomphonema vibrio Ehr. var. subcapitatum (Mayer) Lee, comb. nov.
Lee, J. H., Gotoh, T. and Chung, J.
The Korean Journal of Phycology   7(1) 79-87   Nov 1992   [Refereed]
Lee, J. H., Gotoh, T. and Chung, J.
Diatom   7 45-70   Jan 1992   [Refereed]
GOTOH Toshikazu
Diatom   5 111-114   Jan 1990   [Refereed]
Diatoms of Brackish water, Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi 1. The genus Mastogloia Thwaites
Toshikazu Gotoh
Acta Phytotax. Geobot.   41(4-6) 143-154   1990   [Refereed]
GOTOH Toshikazu
Diatom   4 67-72   Dec 1988   [Refereed]
Dead cell content in diatom samples
GOTOH Toshikazu
Jap. J. Water Treat. Biol.   24(1) 132-134   1988   [Refereed]
Mastogloia exigua Lewis: comparison of samples collected at three localities
GOTOH Toshikazu
Diatom   3 99-108   Dec 1987   [Refereed]
Diatom community of the Kumano-gawa River estuary
GOTOH Toshikazu
Diatom   2 103-115   Dec 1986   [Refereed]
Gotoh, T. and K. Negoro
The Japanese Journal of Limnology   47(2) 143-153   Apr 1986   [Refereed]
Gotoh, T. and Negoro, K.
The Japanese Journal of Limnology   47(1) 77-86   Jan 1986   [Refereed]
Girdle structure of diatom Denticula tenuis Kuetz. var. crassula (Naeg. ex Kuetz.) W. & G.S.West
GOTOH Toshikazu
Diatom   1 9-17   Dec 1985   [Refereed]
On the diatom Navicula johanrossii Giffen
GOTOH Toshikazu
Acta Phytotax. Geobot.   36(1-3) 14-21   Jun 1985   [Refereed]
On the siliceous structure of the septum and related forms in diatoms
GOTOH Toshikazu
Jpn. J. Phycol.   32(2) 109-112   Jun 1984   [Refereed]
Two new diatoms of the genus Navicula from the River Yura, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Ken-ichiro Negoro & Toshikazu Gotoh
Acta Phytotax. Geobot.   34(1-3) 91-93   Apr 1983   [Refereed]
Gyrosigma exoticumoides sp. nov., eine neue brackische Diatomee aus Japan
Ken-ichiro Negoro and Toshikazu Gotoh
Acta Phytotax. Geobot.   34(1-3) 87-89   Apr 1983   [Refereed]
Diatom vegetation of the River Yura
Ken-ichiro Negoro and Toshikazu Gotoh
Mem. Fac. Agr. Kinki Univ.   16 67-118   Mar 1983
Observations on the girdle of the genus Amphora (Diatoms)
GOTOH Toshikazu
Jpn. J. Phycol.   28 151-155   Sep 1980   [Refereed]
On the sessile diatoms in the brackish water area of the River Yodo. II.
GOTOH Toshikazu
The Japanese Journal of Limnology   40(4) 191-200   Oct 1979   [Refereed]
On some Achnanthes from the Yodo estuary, Osaka
GOTOH Toshikazu
Japanese Journal of Phycology   27 31-33   Mar 1979   [Refereed]
On the sessile diatoms in the brackish water area of the River Yodo. I.
GOTOH Toshikazu
Res. Bull. Faculty of General Education, Kinki Univ.   9(3) 15-47   Mar 1978
On a judging method of living cells or non-living cells in the study of the diatom vegetation
GOTOH Toshikazu
Japanese Journal of Phycology   26(2) 67-67   1978   [Refereed]


Diatoms of Brackish Water, Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi I. The Genus ┣DBMastogloia(/)-┫DB Thwaites
Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica   41,143-154    1990
A Study of Diatom species ┣DBGomphonema(/)-┫DB ┣DBvibrio(/)-┫DB Ehr. var. ┣DBsubcapitatum(/)-┫DB(Mayer)Lee, comb. nov.
The Korean Journal of Phycology   7(1) 79-87   1992
┣DBCymbella(/)-┫DB ┣DBorientalis(/)-┫DB sp. nov. , a freshwater diatom from the Far East
Diatom Research   8(1) 99-108   1993

Conference Activities & Talks

The evaluation of test series conducted in 1st-year-English class in 2012 to  facilitate student's study in Life Science 1
Jul 2013   
Diatom community of Lakes Goshikinuma on the Urabandai Plateau
May 2013   
Diatom teratological forms found in a deposit of Lake Inawashiro
May 2013   
Sexual reproduction, auxospore structure and taxonomy of Hydrosera triquetra G.C.Wall.
Idei, M., Gotoh, T. and Nagumo, T.
20th International Diatom Symposium   Sep 2008   20th International Diatom Symposium
Distribution of recent diatoms and indicator species of anthropogenic impacts in Osaka Bay
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society AOGS 5th Annual General Meeting   Jun 2008   Asia Oceania Geosciences Society AOGS 5th Annual General Meeting


Ecological Studies on the Biodiversity in Rivers and Streams in the Far East
1994 - 1996

Research Grants & Projects

On the diatoms of brackish water, Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi.
Project Year: 1980 - 2003