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Hannan University
Faculty of Economics, Department of Econimics
(BLANK)(Osaka City University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo University of Agriculture, Research Assistant
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Lecturer


Graduate School, Division of Economics, Osaka City University
Faculty of Commerce, Osaka City University


Some Consideration on Input-Output Analysis of Regional Economic Theories
Annals of the Association of Economic Geographers   30(30) 67-78   1984
Theoretical Composition and the Methodological Point of View on Y. Tamanoi's Regionalism
Journal of Rural Community Studies   (63) 101-113   1986
The Present Significance and Limitation of Recognition of Nature Concept in Y. Tamanoi's Regionalism
Journal of Rural Community Studies   (64) 43-45   1987
Rethinking the Concept "Region" in Y. Tamanoi's Regionalism
Journal of Rural Community Studies   (67)    1988
A Point of View on Regionalism Formation and Circular Flow of Economy
Journal of Rural Community Studies   (68) 55-66   1989

Books etc

Regional Policy and Regionalism
The Theory of Regional Structure(ed)   1990   
Regional Investigation approach to Changes of Rural Region
The Method of Regional Investigation   1990   
Some Condition of Farm Pension Formation Under Resort Development Program of Inawashiro town Fukushima Prefecture
Regional Development of Rural Regions through Tourist Resort Davelopment   1991   
Regional Development of Rural Resort as Interchange Network between Urban and Rural Area - The Case Study of Iitaka town in Mie Prefecture
Regional Development through Tourist Resort   1996   
Regional agglomerative Type of small Medium Enterprise
For the People Studying Economic Geography   2000   


A Study on Some Development Aspects and Problems in Thailand's Agricultural Processing
1991 - 1991
A Study on Some Development Aspects and Problems in Chinese
1987 - 1987
Basic Study on Family and the Role of Women in Farm and Fishery Villages from viewpoint of "Shadow Work" in High Industrial Society
1991 - 1993
A Study on Present Aspects of Land Utilization of Sugadaira, Pref. Nagano, Vegetable producing District in High, Cool Region
1982 - 1985
A Study on Livestock Farming and Regional Problems in Agricultural Marginal District, Prefecture Nagano
1986 - 1986

Research Grants & Projects

A Study on the Resort Development aimed at the Development of Rural Regions
Regional Study on Social and Economic Development in South East Asian Countries
The Simbolic Order and institutionalizing Process of Life-World
The Regional Structure of Thailand in global Economy
Impact of Development on Environment in South-East Asian Countries.