QIAO Jinjian

QIAO Jinjian

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QIAO Jinjian
Kumamoto Gakuen University
Faculty of Commerce, Department of Commerce
Job title
Master(University of Tsukuba), (BLANK)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Social Engineering, University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

The Allocation Strategy of Business Resource by BCG
QIAO Jinjian
Studies in Foreign Affairs   43(2) 77-95   Mar 2016
Enemy or Friend? A Case Study on the Capital Alliance of Foxconn and Sharp
QIAO Jinjian
Studies of Economics and Business   (34) 1-17   Mar 2015
Ansoff’s Corporate Growth Strategies: Focused on the Diversification
QIAO Jinjian
The Kumamoto-Gakuen Journal of Commerce   18(2) 19-46   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
The Management Strategies of Foxconn
QIAO Jinjian
Journal of Studies of Economics and Business   (33) 43-68   Mar 2014
3) “The Birth and Development of Strategic Management Theory
QIAO Jinjian
Journal of Foreign Affairs Studies   41(1) 49-79   Sep 2013


'The Irrational Business Behaviors' in Chinese National Enterprises
Qiao Jinjian
Organizational Science   25(3) 63-74   1992
The Problem of Assets Evaluation in the Privatization of Chinese State-owned Enterprises
Qiao Jinjian
Journal of Public Utility Economics   43(2) 95-117   1991
The Privatization of Chinese State-owned Enterprises
Qiao Jinjian
The Annals of the Association for the Study of Socialist Enterprise   16 5-12   1991
Management Problems in the Authority Structure of Chinese National Enterprises
Qiao Jinjian
Journal of Public Utility Economics   41(3) 143-163   1990
A Converting Model From National Enterprises to Stock Corporations
Qiao Jinjian
Journal of Public Utility Economics   40(2) 67-92   1988

Books etc

The Management and Strategies of Honhai
QIAO Jinjian
Minerva Shobo   Mar 2016   
Business Management in East Asia
QIAO Jinjian (Part:Contributor, The Labor Rights of Chinese Migrant Workers)
Taiwan Huixiang Xingye Publishing   Nov 2012   
The Pioneers of Business Administration
QIAO Jinjian
Nippon Hyoron sha   Sep 2011   
The Structure of the Contemporary Finance(co-author)
Chuo Economy Press   1993   
Frontier of Business administration(co-author)
Hakuto Publishing Company   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

The Administrative Management of Japanese Enterprises in China
Project Year: 2000   
The White Spirits(Shochu) Industry in China and Japan
Project Year: 2000   
The Renaissance of Japanese Manufacture
The localization of management in Japanese enterprises
The CSR Strategies of Multi-national Corporations