ITO Kenji

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ITO Kenji
Meijo University
Faculty of Business Management Department of International Business Management
Job title
Ph. D(Doctor of Philosophy)(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Economics, Nagoya University
Faculty of Economics, Nagoya University

Awards & Honors

JSPM(Japan Society for Production Management) Award


Characteristics of Competitive Power and Its Mechanism in TOYOTA -Organizational Culture in TOYOTA-
伊藤 賢次
Production Management   10(3) 6(43-48)   2004
Mechanism of TOYOTA's Competitive Power -Organizational Culture, Intellectual Creative Activity, Creative Destruction-
伊藤 賢次
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University 'REIS'   5(1・2) 42(57-98)   2004
The Concept of QCD and The Competition of Ability Building -from the point of view of Customer Evaluation-
伊藤 賢次
Production Management   11(2) 6   2004
Selection of technical Introduction in the Firm of Underdeveloping Country ?Case of TOYOTA, NISSAN, ISUZU ?
伊藤 賢次
JAIBS 'Annual Bulletin 2003'   (9) 12   2003
Success Factors for Neew Bisiness -TOYOTA and HONDA cases-
伊藤 賢次
Production Management   9(3) 16   2003

Books etc

Enlarged Edition: International Business Management ?Internationalization of Japanese Firm and Activities in East Asia ?
Sousei-sha Publishing Co. Tokyo   2002   
History of Labor Movement in Aichi Pref. No5 (1969-1973)(Collaboration)
Aichi Pref. Japan   2002   
Customers' Evaluating Items in the Market Economy -Comparison of QCD to QSC-
Chikura Shobou, Tokyo 'New Century and Managemrnt Reform'   2000   
Management of Japanese Firm in East - Asia -globalization of Management and Transfer of "Japanese Management System"-
Chikusa Shotou,Tokyo   2000   
Overseas Production and Production Management
Production Management Handbook   1999   


Change of Life and Industry in Miyagaki Pref. by Yen-Appreciation

Research Grants & Projects

Management of Japanese Joint Venture in East Asia
Characteristy of Japanese Management in Long Term Point and Its Effectiveness
Toyota Production System
Development of Local SME in Globalization
Japanese Management System