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Kwansei Gakuin University
School of Business Administration
Job title
MA TEFL(The University of Reading)
Other affiliation
Kwansei Gakuin University


Language and Culture, Graduate School, Division of Language and Culture, Osaka University
Jul 1988
Dec 1992
MA TEFL, The University of Reading
Teaching English as a Foreign Language, MA TEFL Course, The University of Reading
German Department, Faculty of Foreign Language, Osaka University of Foreign Studies

Committee Memberships

Japan Association for English Corpus Studies  Steering Committee Member
The English Phonetic Society of Japan  Secretary of Kansai Chapter
The Japan Association of College English Teachers  Chief Secretary of Kansai Chapter
The Japanese Association for Studies in English Communication  Secretary

Published Papers

"'No Wonder': A Corpus-Based Analysis of a Commonly Used Structure in English"
64(6) 53-74   Mar 2017
"Lexical Bundles in the Corpus of English Academic Papers: A Phraseological Approach to ELT and Communicative Competence"
Atsuko Furuta Umesaki
Journal of Business Adiministration Kwansei Gakuin University   63(4) 59-77   Mar 2016
"A Corpus-based Study of Synonyms: With special reference to investigate, examine, explore and analyse/analyze"
Kwansei Gakuin University School of Sociology Journal   (116) 45-60   Mar 2013
"A Corpus-based Error Analysis of Academic Papers: With Special Reference to Prepositions"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
482-502   Sep 2012
"Applying Corpus Linguistics to English Education: Towards the goal of using English autonomously with dictionaries and corpora"
Atsuko Furuta Umesaki
Language and Culture   (14) 55-71   Mar 2011
(Teaching Report) "Writing Assignments in English Courses with Postgraduate TAs: A Program Using a Problem-Solving Approach"
Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture   20(4) 173-193   2009
"Linguistic Approaches to ESP"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
JACET Summer Seminar Proceedings No. 2: New Perspectives in ESP (The 30th JACET Summer Seminar 2002, The Japan Association of College English Teachers)   9-17   2002
Prosodic Features at 'Sentence Boundaries' in Oral Presentations
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Phonetic Science-English Phonetics and Pronunciation Teaching-, The Phonetic Society of Korea   10-18   2000
Syntactic Differences in the Discourse of Oral and Written Papers
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
English Corpus Studies   7, 39-59   2000
"Computer Corpora and Their Unse in Language Analysis"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Journal of Tezukayama College   33, 102-126   1996
"A Study on the Use of Nominalisations in English: Based on Questionnaires"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Helicon (Journal of English Department, Tezukayama College)   20, 95-120   1995
"A Corpus-based study of to-infinitives and gerunds as verb complementation: begin, start, and continue"
THE JASEC BULLETIN   4(1) 57-66   1995
"A corpus-Based Study of the Selection of Nominalised Forms"
Atsuko Furuta Umesaki
Journal of Tezukayama College   32, 95-108   1995
"The Use of Transitive Verb Nominalisations with -ing Suffixes in Speech and Writing: A Corpus-Based Study"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Helicon (Journal of English Department, Tezukayama College)   19,35-48   1994
"A Corpus-Based Study of Transitive Verb Nominalisations: Nominal -ing Clauses and Derivative Noun Phrases"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
English Corpus Studies   1, 85-98   1994
"Thematic Organisation in Academic Speech and Writing"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Aspects of Modern English   470-487   1993
Comparative Discourse Analysis of Academic Speech and Writing
(MA Thesis) The University of Reading   本文82頁,補足資料124頁   1992
"A Comparison of Scientific Lectures and Papers with regard to Grammar and Lexis: Differences between Speech and Writing"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Studies in Modern English   8, 37-53   1992
A Comparative Study of Spoken and Written English in a Scientific Context
(MA Thesis) Osaka University   本文82頁,補足資料161頁   1991
An Analysis of Perceptive Verbs and Causative Verbs in relation to Bare-Infinitive Complementation
(Diploma Project) The University of Reading   本文68頁,補足資料45頁   1988


Using Corpora for 'Discovery Learning' of English
18(4) 3-34   2007
"Using Corpora in the ELT Classroom (2)"
17(4), 61-96   2006
"Using Corpora in the ELT Classroom"
16(4), 115-145   2005
Book-review Susan Conrad and Douglas Biber (eds.) Variation in English: Multi-Dimensional Studies. Harlow: Longman 2001
20, 141-149   2004
Dictionary of Present-day English Usage
総頁数1,327 (pp. 310-315, computer corpus and usage, computerese を執筆)   2006
Youth Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary
A Concordance to Thomas Killigrew's The Parson's Wedding
(Database Compilation) Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University      1990

Books etc

VOA Internet Listening Course -- Our Present Tasks for the Future
Eihosha   2008   ISBN:978-4-269-44029-6

Conference Activities & Talks

"Learning Prepositions through Corpora: with special reference to Phraseology and Register"
AILA World Congress 2014 (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia)   Aug 2014   
"Errors in English academic papers by Japanese graduate students "
The 46th IATEFL Annual International Conference and Exhibition (The Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, UK)   Mar 2012   
"The Use of Corpora in University ELT Classrooms"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
The JACET 50th Commemorative International Convention(Seinan Gakuin University , Fukuoka)   Sep 2011   
"Incorporating Corpora in ELT"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
The 45th IATEFL Annual International Conference and Exhibition (Brighton, UK)   Apr 2011   
"Using the Sketch Engine for analysis of the grammatical pattern 'be + pp + to-infinitive'"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
SKEW-2 (The 2nd International Sketch Engine Workshop) (Brighton, UK)   Mar 2011   
"Phraseology and Register: With special reference to sport articles (1)football game reportage"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
The 3rd Conference of the Japan Society for Phraseology (Kwansei Gakuin University)   Mar 2011   
"Large-scale online corpora for autonomous learning"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
ALL Symposium (Tübingen University, Germany)   Feb 2011   
A Corpus-based Study of Stress Shift in Noun Phrases
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
The 10th Joint Seminar on English Phonetics in Seoul 2009   2009   
"Corpus-based Collocation Studies in English: With special reference to discourse functions"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
(Invited) The Use of Specialised Corpora in English for Oral Presentations
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
Kumamoto Universit International Symposium on Corpora and English Education   2008   
Some Problems with Prepositions: A corpus-based analysis of errors in academic papers
JACET Kansai Chapter 2008 Autumn Conference   2008   
"Writing Assignments for 'Discovery Learning' in Undergraduate English Courses with Graduate Students as TAs"
JACET Kansai Chapter 2007 Autumn Conference   2007   
"Using Inanimate Subjects for Self-Reference in Academic Papers"
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
"Topic-shift in discourse: the use of 'by the way'"
Self-Reference and Objectivity in Academic Papers
Atsuko Furuta UMESAKI
The 2nd International Conference on Speech, Writing and Context (Kansai Gaidai University)   2003   
Linguistic Approaches to ESP
(Lecture) The 30th JACET Summer Seminar (Kusatsu Seminar House)   2002   
References to the Presenter in Academic Papers
AILA2002 (SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre)   2002   
The Relationship of Meaning to Syntactic Patterns: Investigating the Role of Examples in English-Japanese Dictionaries
JACET SIG on Lexicography Workshop (Seisen Women's University)   2001   
Prosodic Features at 'Sentence Boundaries' in Oral Presentations
The Second Seoul International Conference on Phonetic Science (Seoul National   2000   
The semantics of deverbal nouns
12th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (Waseda University)   1999   
Information structure in the discourse of oral presentations and written papers
International conference on speech, writing and context: literary and linguistic perspectives (University of Nottingham, England)   1998   
"Thematic Differences in the Discourse of Academic Speech and Writing"
International Systemic Functional Congress 23 (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)   1996   

Research Grants & Projects

English Research and Education by the Use of Corpora
Project Year: 1989   
English education by the use of computer corpora
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002 - 2004
Comparative Study of Spoken and Written Papers in the Field of Natural Science
Project Year: 1989