NAKAI Yuichi

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NAKAI Yuichi
National Institute of Technology,Akashi College
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Digital Watermarking for Vector Drawings based on Discrete Haar Wavelet Transform
International Journal of Computer Applications   182(49) 1-6   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Nakai Yuichi
Japanese colleges of technology education journal   (36) 67-72   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Programming education is essential in departments like electrical or computer engineering. However,computer graphics education is not common in such departments especially in lower grades. Weoffer a computer graphics class using POV-Ray as part of...
NAKAI Yuichi
Memoirs of the Akashi Technical College   40(40) 7-12   Nov 1997
NAKAI Yuichi, TSUJI Makoto
Memoirs of the Akashi Technical College   39(39) 1-6   Nov 1996
TAKEUCHI Masahiro, KATOH Takahiro, NAKAI Yuichi, EGUCHI Tadaomi, HIRAISHI Toshihiro
Memoirs of the Akashi Technical College   38 91-97   Nov 1995


A New Arithmetic Code Capable of Detecting Errors and Its Application
The Transactions of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers   J72-D-II(4) 568   1989
A Note on the Application of Hiden Markou Model to Image Coding
Technical Report of IEICE   IT88-71,15    1988
On Application of Arithmetic Coding to Image Coding
The Proceedings of the 3rd Picture Coding Symposium of Japan   41    1988

Conference Activities & Talks

TOKUOKA Masaki, NAKAI Yuichi
Proceedings of the ... ITE annual convention   26 Aug 2009   
In this paper, we propose a novel self embedding watermarking scheme using block truncation coding (BTC). In our scheme, two components which are derived from BTC were utilized for embedding watermark. Computer simulations show that our scheme suc...
KATAOKA Yuya, TESHIMA Shigeki, NAKATA Satoshi, NAKAI Yuichi
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan   2006   
In this paper, we propose a reversible watermarking based on the correlation of image. In our scheme, watermarks are embedded by whether keeping existent correlation or not. We prevent the image quality degradation by changing the minimum value fo...

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Image Watermarking