KOGI Kazutaka

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KOGI Kazutaka
The Institute for Science of Labour

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


Automobile Driving Work
Ergonomics   34(6) 757-773   1991
Trends in Approaches to Night and Shiftwork and new International Standards
Ergonomics   36(1-3) 3-13   1993
Occupational Health Seen in Current International Labour Organization and Other International Cooperation Activities
Occupational Health Review   7(4) 163   1995
Participatory Action Training for Workplace Improvements in Small Enterprises in Developing Countries
Environmental Sciences   4(suppl) S123-133   1996

Books etc

Improving Working Conditions in Small Enterprises in Developing Asia
International Labour Office, Geneva   1985   
Low-cost Ways of Improving Working Conditions : 100 Examples From Asia
International Labour Office, Genera   1988   
Modern People and Fatigue
The Role of the ILO in Promoting Occupational Health and Safety in Developing Countries
Protecting Workers' Health in the Third World   1993   
Occupational Safety and Health and International Labour Standards
Creating Safe, Healthy and Comfortable Workplaces   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Effective approaches in action-oriented Workplace Improvement
Flexibility in shiftwork arrangements
Study on industrial workers' fatigue as a means for health risk assessment