Shioya Masahiro

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Shioya Masahiro
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor

Published Papers

A MODEL THEORETIC REFLECTION PRINCIPLE REVISITED (Forcing extensions and large cardinals)
RIMS Kokyuroku   1851 72-86   Sep 2013
Weakly normal closures of filters on Pκλ
Masahiro, Shioya
Journal of Symbolic Logic   58(1) 55-63   Jan 1993   [Refereed]
Infinitary Jonsson functions and elementary embeddings
Masahiro, Shioya
Archive for Mathematical Logic   33(2) 81-86   Jan 1994   [Refereed]
The minimal normal μ-complete filter on Pκλ
Masahiro, Shioya
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society   123(5) 1565-1572   Jan 1995   [Refereed]
Nowhere precipitousness of some ideals
Yo, Matsubara;Masahiro, Shioya
Journal of Symbolic Logic   63(3) 1003-1006   Jan 1998   [Refereed]

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Large Cardinal Axiom and Infinitary Combinatorics