MINO Tadashi

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MINO Tadashi
Osaka City University
Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences
Master of Literature

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Faculty of Literature, Kyoto University


'The Possibility of Scientific Realism' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Science and Anti-Realism on the 21st Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Society , Japan.
'Scientific Realism' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Scientific Realism on the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science
'The Problem of Freedom' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Freedom on the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Kansai Philosophical Association
Action and Intention -On Causal Theory of Action
The Bulletin of the Cultural and Natural Sciences in Osaka Gakuin University   25,1-17    1992
On Prof. Kurosaki on Science and Anti-Realism
Philosophy of Science (Journal of the Philosophy of Science Society, Japan)   22,13-25    1989

Books etc

Scientific Realism
Science and Philosophy -Logic, Physics, Mind and Language Shouwa-dou   1988   
On Locke and Kant on the Self
Precursors of German Idealism Koubun-dou   1990   
Reference and Meaning -On Recent Development of Anti-Fregean Theories of Meaning
Frontiers of Contemporary Philosophy Keisou-Shobou   1990   
Recent Works in the Philosophical Theory of Meaning
Backbones of Contemporary Philosophy Keisou-Shobou   1991   
Kant and Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy
Kant's Philosophy as It Is Sekaishisou-sha   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Action and Freedom
Study on Intentionality and Language
Cognitive Study on the Frame - Problem in Linguistic Understanding