NAKAI Yoshiaki

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NAKAI Yoshiaki
Doshisha University
Faculty of Letters Department of Cultural History
Job title
Doctor of Philosophy(Ritsumeikan University), Master of Arts(Ritsumeikan University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Doshisha University
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Ritsumeikan University
Faculty of Literature, Ritsumeikan University


A Critical Comment on the Climatic Change as a Cause of the Decline of Mycenaean Civilization
The Journal of Cultural Sciences The Ritsumeikan Bungaku   (534) 1-17   1994
The Origins of the Corinthian War
The Annual of Historical Review The Ritsumeikan Shigaku   (4) 63-99   1983
The Campaign of Marathon : Persian's Aim and Strategy
Seiyoshigaku or The Studies in Western History   (164) 18-35   1991
The End of the Palatial Age in Greece
Annual Report of Cultural Studies Bunkagaku-Nempo   (44) 61-92   1995
The Conversion of Spartan Foreign Policy in the 550's B. C.
The Bunkashigaku Studies in Cultural History   (31) 20-31   1975

Books etc

Empires and cities in the Ancient Greek History: Persia, Athens and Sparta
Minerva   2005   ISBN:4-623-04313-4
A Companion to the Western History
Minerva   2007   ISBN:978-4-623-04909-7
The Decline of Mycenaean Civilization and Change of its Environment
Civilization and Environment I : Ancient Civilization and Environment/Shibunkaku Press   1994   ISBN:4-784-208942-9
Greek Civilization and its Epoch
Course : Civilization and Environment II : The Earth and Epoch of Civilization/Asakura Press   1996   ISBN:4-254-10552-5
The Hoplite Revolution, the Hoplite Reformation or the Mirage?
Koyo-press.Rome and the Development of the Mediteranean World   2001   ISBN:4-7710-1311-X


Environment and Civilization
1991 - 1993
Interdisciplinary Study of the Centre and the Margin in the Culture
1988 - 2000
Global Standard and Local Identity
2002 - 2005

Research Grants & Projects

Foreign Policy in Ancient Greece : Rule and Subjugation