CHOI Yongwoon

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CHOI Yongwoon
Soka University
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Information Systems Science
Job title
Master(Kobe University), Doctor(Kobe University), Bachelor(Chung-ang University)

Research Areas



System Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kobe University
System Science, Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology, Kobe University
Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Chung-ang University


Yoshinobu HAGIWARA, Hiroki IMAMURA, [Yongwoon CHOI] and Kazuhiro WATANABE
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan   Vol.130(No.8) 1395-1403   2010
Real-time Detection Technique of the Target in a Berth for Automatic Ship Berthing
Yongwoon Choi, Daisuke Koyama, Youngbok Kim, and Kwonsoon Lee
The Institute of Control, Automation and System Engineering, ICASE, Vol.12, No.5, pp. 431 - 437, 2006   Vol.12(No.5) 431-437   2006
A Study on the Development of a Flatfish Measuring System based on Image Processing Technique (in korean)
Noriyuki KUGOU, [Yongwoon CHOI], and Young-Bok KIM
Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and System   Vol. 24(No. 2) 164-169   2018
Distance Measurement by Automatic Peak Detection for Indoor Positioning Using Spread Spectrum Ultrasonic Waves
A. Suzuki, Y. Miyara, T. Iyota, Y. B. Kim, and [Y. Choi]
Journal of the Korean Society for Power System Engineering   Vol. 19(No. 2) 33-39   2015
Accuracy Improvement of Stereo-Based Distance Measurement for Close Range Vessel Positioning
Tadashi Ogura, Yoshiaki Mizuchi, Youngbok Kim, and [Yongwoon Choi]
Journal of the Korean Society for Power System Engineering   Vol. 19(No. 2) 27-32   2015

Books etc

A Precise Shape Estimation in Occluded Region among Group of Human Bodies for Shape Reconstruction relying on Fast Level Set Method
Nihonkougyousyuppan   2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

Container Crane System Using an Anti-Sway Controller with an Image Sensor
The International Conference on Mechatronics and Information Technology (ICMIT2007)   2007   
Development of a wireless LAN device with microcomputer for network study
Technical Committee on Ubiquitous and Sensor Networks, IEICE   2008   
Comparision of measurable area and positioning error with OOK and SS modulation using an indoor ultrasonic positioning system
Dai54kai zidouseigyorengoukouenkai   2011   
A study on distance measurement for a moving object using spread spectrum ultrasonic waves
41th SICE HOKKAIDO SHIBU   2009   
A study on guide robot using positioning and identification functions of SPAN
Dai54kai Zidouseigyorengoukouenkai   2011   


Development of a Washer for Circuit Board Using Superheated Vapor
2011 - 2011
SPAN(Smart Passive/ Active Node) Project
2006 - 2011
SPAN project
2006 - 2011

Research Grants & Projects

Distance measurement system using stereo camera
Development of distance measurement system for automatic position and pose control of ships


Optical fiber sensor device
Automatic berthing system of ships
Position Measurement Device