TAKEOKA Yukiharu

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TAKEOKA Yukiharu
Former Institution / Organization Osaka Gakuin University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
Doctor(Economics)(Osaka University), Master(Literature)(Kyoto University), Master(Economics)(Osaka University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Economic History, Economic Graduate Course, Osaka University
French language and literature, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Literature, French language and literature, Faculty of Literature, Kyoto University


French Economy in the beginning of the World Depression
The Osaka Gakuin Review of Economics   9(1) 1-34   1995
Formalion of Social History, Course of the Revicw "Annales"
Correspondance of Osaka Gakuin University   
Political and Economic Conjuncture in France in the Period of World Depression, Economic Recession in 1933.
Osaka Economic Papers   46(1) 1-16   1996
Birth of Annales d'Histoire économique et sociale and Correspondance between the two founders
Study of Economic History   (1) 21-37   1997
Political and Economic Conjuncture in France in the Period of World Depression, Economic Recovery in 1932
The Osaka Gakuin Review of Economics   10(1-3) 125-152   1997

Books etc

Introduction to the price History in Modern France, Study of Price Revolution
"Annales" School and Social History
Doubunkan   1990   
Des entreprises françaises et japonaises face à la mé catronique
LEST-CNRS   1988   
Introduction to Occidental Economic History
Yuhikaku   1980   
Study on the Adoption of New Technology in the Mechanical Industry in Modern Period
Doubunkan   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of the Economic and Social History in France in the Period between the two World Wars
Project Year: 1980 - 2006
Study on the "Annales" School and Social History
Project Year: 1990 - 2006