HARA Junsuke

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HARA Junsuke
Former Institution / Organization Tohoku University Graduate School of Arts and Letters Department of Human Sciences
Job title

Research Areas



The Belief Sustaining Social Research Activities
Advanced Social Research   (6) 235-250   2007
Stratification Studies and Regional Community
Annals of Regional and Community Studies   18 45-61   2006
Contemporary Japanese Society and "New" Inequality: From the Inaugural Lecture of the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality (CSSI)
The Study of Sociology   (77) 1-15   2005
For Constructing the Cultural Resource Study
Social Information   11(1) 9-26   2001
Changes in the Labor Market and Occupational Prestige Score
International Journal of Japanese Sociology   (9) 21-33   2000

Books etc

Inequality amid Affluence: Social Stratification in Japan
Trans Pacific Press   2005   
Social Stratification : Inequality in an Attluent Society
University of Tokyo Press   1999   
Fluidity and Social Disparities
Minerva-shobo   2002   
Modernization and Social Stratification in Japan
University of Tokyo Press   2000   
Social Research
The Society for the Promotion of the University of the Air   2005   


The National Survey of Social Stratification and Social Mobility (The SSM Survey)
Artistic Activity   1995
The National Survey of Sexual Behavior of Japanese Youth
Artistic Activity   1999

Research Grants & Projects

Constructiong "Academic Resource Study"
Project Year: 2000   
Study on Social Stratification and Inequality
Project Year: 1968   
Study on Method of Processing and Analyzing Non-format Data
Project Year: 1991