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Former Institution / Organization Kyushu University Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies Department of Social Sciences
Doctor(Science)(Tohoku University), M. SC(Tohoku University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tohoku University
Faculty of Science, Tohoku University


Japan's World Map Museum : (I) Japan and Global Environment, -(p56) (II) Global Mega Infrastructure, -(p57-60) (III) The Development of Remote Sensing in Japan, -(p11) (IV) Metamorphosis of A Region, -(p61-64)
Sistema Terra-Remote Sensing and The Earth   2(2) 55-65   1993
Evolution of murakami -Lacquer-Curved Wood Manufacturing area
The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education (social science)   43 33-55   1994
Core of Traditional Industry in Kyoto
The Bulletin of Aichi University of Education (social science)   23-37   1993
Location of Modern Industry in "Geography of Japan
Geography of Japan   265-295   1980
"Rural Industrialization in Japan" in Rural Industrialization in the Third World Countries edited by R. P. Misra
Stenling Publisher   193-206   1985

Books etc

Since Megalopolis edited by Jean Gottmann
Kasima Press   1993   
Chapter 7 "Nagoya : The Core of Japan's Global Manufacturing Industry"
Japanese Cities in World Economy Temple University Press (edited by Fujita)   1993   
Location Theory of Manufacturing Industry
Taimeido   1977   
Evolution of Regional System and Change of Industrial Policy in "Regional Development Alternative edited by A. L. Mabogunji
Maruzen Asia   1981   
The Metamorphosis of Japan's Industrial System and the Development of the Industrial Division of labour in "International Economic Restructuring and the Regional Community" edited by Wolter Stohr
Avebury U. K. (U. N. I. P. O. )   1988   

Research Grants & Projects

Industrial Location Planning Theory
Theory of Mutation of Local Industry in Local Culture and the Local Environment
Readjustment of globalization to localization