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Yamaguchi University
Environmental Safety Science and Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering Graduate School of Science and Engineering(Engineering) YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor Engineering

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2007
Mar 2016
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering(Engineering), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Apr 2004
Mar 2007
Associate Professor, Organization for University-Industry-Public Cooperation and Innovation, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
Apr 2016
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation(Engineering), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY


Mar 1990
Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
Mar 1992
Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Yamaguchi University

Published Papers

Development and Evaluation of Software for Earthquake Preparedness in Schools for use on Personal Computer, aster Management
2nd International Conference on Emergency Planning and Disaster Management      1993
Simulation Model of Evacuation by using Genetic Code
12 2359-2364   1994
Education of School Teachers Developed with a Personal Computer
Journal of Natural Disasters Science   15(1) 29   1994
Simulation of Conduct of Evacuees considering the Reaction of Evacuees' Conduct to Guide's Instruction in an Emergency,
Proceedings of 11th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering      1996
Quake Busters : An Alternative Approach to Earthquake Disaster Awareness Education in Japan,
4th International Conference on Civil Engineering      1996

Conference Activities & Talks

Improvement of Computational Simulation Software for Evacuation Behavior considering River Flood
The 14th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium   17 Nov 2012   
Development of Database for Disaster Records in 2009 Hofu Heavy Rain Disaster
The 14th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium   17 Nov 2012   
Development of Disaster Aid Management System
The 14th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium   17 Nov 2012   
Development of Application for Disaster Hazard map by using Augmented Reality
The 15th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium   16 Nov 2013   
Development of Support System for making Disaster Hazard Map by using Android Phone
The 16th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium   15 Nov 2014   


The software for earthquake preparaedness education "Quake Busters"
Software   1994
The song for earhtquake preparedness education "JISHIN DA! DAN DA DAN! -Qauke! let's dan da dan!-"
The Others   2006