HASEGAWA Shigehiko

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HASEGAWA Shigehiko
Osaka University
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
(BLANK)(Osaka University)

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Best Paper Award


Applied Physics Letters   65(20) 2609-2611   1994
Haruyuki Yasuda, Daisuke Abe, Shigehiko Hasegawa, Kenzo Maehashi, Hisao Nakashima
Japanese Journal of Appliedd Physics   34(2B) 942-945   1995
Superlattices and Microstructures   12(1) 97   1992
Formation of quantum well wire-like structures by MBE growth of AlGaAs/lGaAs superlattices on GaAs(110) surfaces (共著)
Journal of Crystal Growth   111 371   1991

Books etc

Effects of adsorption and desorption of atomic hydrogen on structures of Si(111)(┣D83┫D8X┣D83┫D8)-Al surfaces (共著)
World Scientific   1992   
Physics at surfaces
Stacked Malti-Quantum-Wires Grown on Vicinal GaAs(110) Surfaces by MBE (共著)
Extended Abstracts of the 1996 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials   1996   
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of submicron-sized pn junction on Si(001)surfaces(共著)
Ext. Abst. of the 1997 Int. Conf. on Solid State Devices and Materials   1997   
Formation of InAs and InGaAs quantum wires and dots on vicinal GaAs(110)substrates with giant steps by MBE(共著)
Ext. Abst. of Int. Conf. on Superlattices, Microstructures and Microdevices   1997   


Visualization of electric properties in nanoscale devices using scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy

Research Grants & Projects

Formation and characterization of semiconductor heterointerface
Fabrication and characterization of semiconductor nano structures
Study of identification of single surface atom
SPM characterization of electrical properties in semiconductor devices