LIU Xunning

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LIU Xunning
Former Institution / Organization University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Literature and Linguistics
Job title
Associate Professor


On the division of the XIAO-HAO rhyme of "Zhongyuan Yinyun"
Gengobunka Ronshu (Studies in Languages and Cultures)   (41) 71-79   1995
A Study of the VP-neg-VP Questions in "Zu Tang Ji"
The Chinese Culture   (53) 32-40   1995
Defence of kong's commentary on "xiu-xi" in the Book of Songs
Gengobunka Ronshu Cstudies in languages and Culture   (39) 87-93   1994
A Further disscusion on the division of the Northern Chinese dialects
Zhongguo Yuwen   1995(6) 447-454   1995
The Syllabary of Qingjian Dialect in Shaanxi
Gengobunka Ronshu(studies in Languages and culture)   (43) 33-48   1996

Books etc

The Origin of the Personal Pronoun and Human Noun Suffix [mi] in the Ch'ing-chien Dialect of Shaanhsi
Chinese Languages and Linguistics II   1994   
Vocabulary of Chinese Dialects
Yuwen Press   1995   
The VP-neg-VP questions in Qin-Jin dialects
Studies of Modern Chinese   1998   
About the classification of predicative part of speech
Studies of Modern Chinese   1998   
'ZUO' and 'zuo'
Studies of Modern Chinese   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Archaic Chinese
The dialectology of Chinese
Studies in Chinese Grammar