IHARA Hiroshi

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IHARA Hiroshi
Former Institution / Organization Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Law
Doctor of Laws(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Faculty of Law, Kyoto University


A Comparative Study of Statutory Provisions Relating to Reconstructions between English and Japanese Company Law
University of Cambridge      1975
Mechanism of Risk Allocation Between The Seller And The Buyer in The Business Acquisition
Comparative Law Review   28(2) 105   1995
The Buyer and Its Successorship of Environmental Liability in The Business Acquisition
Comparative Law Review   29(1) 19   1995
Equity Participation in Research and Development Venture Business in The United States and Creation of Business Relationships
Tsukuba Revlew of Law and Political Science   (第19) 95   1996
Licensor's Liability in International License
Tsukuba Revlew of Law and Political Science   (20) 1   1996

Books etc

Modern Law of International Business Transactions
The Business Law Research Center   1999   
International Business Alliances -Legal Risk and Strategy
The Business Law Research Center   2001   
Global Enterprise Low-Legal Liability of Global Enterprise
Seirin Shoin   2003   

Research Grants & Projects

Legal Study on International Joint Venture
Legal Study on International License
Legal Study on International Mergers and Acquisition