OMURA Kenjiro

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OMURA Kenjiro

Research Interests


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Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering Doctoral Program in Social Systems and Management


Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Research on the change of floor areaand floor area ratio in 1980-95 : a case of cetral 6 wards in Tokyo (in Japanese)
Journal of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Engineering   (535) 197-202   2000
Research on the Change of Floor Area and Floor Area Ratio in 1980-95 : A case of central 6 Wards in Tokyo
Journal of Architechture; Plann. Eviron. Eng   (535) 197-202   2000
The expansion of development area in Urbanization Control Area in Tsukuba city'(in Japanese)(共著)
Urban Housing Sciences   (31) 39-44   2000
'A study on the historical process and the influence of the Allotted Land Law in Okinawa prefecture after World War (]G0002[)'(in Japanese)
"Papers on City Planning"(CityPlanning Review Special Issue)   (35) 379-384   2000
'The trend of DIWKS in Tokyo metropolitan area and the relation with nursery supply'(in Japanese)
"Papers on City Planning"(CityPlanning Review Special Issue)   (35) 271-276   2000

Books etc

Urban Law in U. S. A & Europe
Tokyo University Press   1993   
Study on Development Betterment
Nippon-Jutaku-Sogo-Center   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on land use planning