YANO Katsuaki

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YANO Katsuaki
Kanto Gakuin University
College of Economics, Department of Economics
Doctor(Commerce)(Chuo University), Master (Commesce)(Chuo University)

Research Areas



'Competition and Credit' in Marx's 'Grundrisse'
Shougaku Ronsan (The Journal of Commerce)   26(3) 4,125-182   1984
On the Law of the Falling Rate of Profit and the Crisis in Marx's 'Grundrisse'
Shougaku Ronsan (The Journal of Commerce)   35(5) 6,633-659   1994
Oppenheimer's Criticism of Marx
Shougaku Ronsan (The Journal of Commerce)   31(1) 63-86   1989
Theories of the Metamorphoses of Capital and their Circuits
Shougaku Ronsan (The Journal of Commerce)   31(2) 61-85   1989
PartIII, The Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall[the Study on MEGA(2)('Capital'(manuscript)Book III)]
Keizai   (1997年2月) 160-175   1997

Books etc

The Making of Scientific Political Economy
Zichosha   1991   
The Plan of the Theoretical System of Marx's "A Critique of Political Economy"
Yuhikaku   2000   
"Capital in General" in Marx's "Economic Manuscript of 1861-63"
Yuhikaku   2000   
"Generak Analysis of Capital" in the Theoretical System of "Capital"
Yuhikaku   2000   
Controversies on the Reproduction of the Money Material
Yuhikaku   1990   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Marx's 'Capital'