IMAI Hiroyuki

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IMAI Hiroyuki
Konan University
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Biology
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Interests


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The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Faculty of Dairy Science, Rakuno Gakuen University


Hiroyuki Imai, Masao Ohnishi, Mikio Kinoshita, Michiyuki Kojima, Seisuke Ito
Bioscience, Biotrchnology, and Biochemistry   59(7) 1309-1313   1995
Acyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) hydrolase from squash cotyledons specific to long-chain fatty acids : purification and characterization
Plant Molecular Biology   20 199   1992
Biochemical studies of acyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) hydrolase from cotyledons of┣DBCucurbita moschata(/)-┫DB Duch
A doctoral thesis at The Graduate University for Ardency Studies      1992
Oleoyl-CoA is not an immediate substrate for fatty acid elongation in developing seeds of ┣DBBrassica(/)-┫DB ┣DBnapus(/)-┫DB
Plant Journal   8 803   1995
Hiroyuki IMAI, Masao OHNISHI, Kenmi HOTSUBO, Mitiyuki KOJIMA, Seisuke ITO
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.   61(2) 351-353   1997

Books etc

Elongation system involved in the biosynthesis of very long chain fatty acids in ┣DBBrassica napus(/)-┫DB seed : characterization and solubilization
Kluwer Academic Publishers   1994   
Molecular and physiological studies of glycerol-3-phosphate acylytransferase, acyl-ACP hydrolase and stearoyl-ACP denatures
The American Society of Plant Physiologists (Biochemistry and Molecular and Storage Lipids of Plants) Biology of Membrane   1993   
Acyl-(acyl-carrier-Protein) hydrolase of squash cotyledons : purification and characterization
Portland Press (Plant lipid biochemistry, structure and utilization)   1990   
Separation of cerebroside species in plants by reversed-phase HPLS and their phase transition temperature
Proceeding of ISF-JOCS Word Congress 2   1988   

Research Grants & Projects

Studies of the biosynthesis of sphingolipids in plants