NIE Lili

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NIE Lili
Tokyo Woman's Christian University
College of Culture and Communication, Department of Cultural Studies
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo), (BLANK)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of History and Anthropology, The University of Tokyo


The Influence of Confucianism on Chinese Peasant Society : Field Data From a Rural Village in Northeastern China
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology   19(1) 61-94   1994
Lineaye and Popular Religion in the Chinese Country side After the Reform-Field Data From Hunan Province Yongxing Prefecture
Senan Journal of Cultures   10(1)    1995
From Etiqutte and Custom Society to Organized Society and Post Organized Society-the Community in China
Community in Twenty Century      1998
Attempts ot Creats "Villages of Nationalities Culture" in the Yunnan District of China
APC Journal of Asian-Pacific Studies   (5) 22-29   1999
The Studies on Chinese Peasant Society by Japanese in Manchuria
Changes of the Social Economic Structure of Northeast area of China in the Modern age      1999

Books etc

Lineage and Change in Northeastern China
University of Tokyo Press   1992   
Changes in Perceptions : Field Data from a Rural Village in Northeastern China (共著)
Perspective on Chinese Society Views from Japan Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa Tokyo University of Foreign studies   1994   
The Influence of Coufncianism on Chinese Reascurt Society
Tianjing People's Press Community Studies and Social Development   1996   
Lineage and Folk Religion--Field Date From Hunan Province Yonxing Prefecture
Chiku a Press The Society and the Ecnomy of Chinese Countryside After the Refome   1997   
Confucianism and Popular Religion -Field Data From Fujian Province Minnau Area
Center and Per phery in China -Views from Anthropological Fieldwork, Fukyosha Publishing Inc.   1999   


Sosical Anthropological Survey in Northeastern China
Cultural Anthropological Survey in Nagoya in Nagasaki Prefecture
Cultural Anthropological Survey in the Countryside of South China
1991 - 1993
Cultural Anthropological Survey in Fujian Province China
Cutural Anthropological Survey in Yanji City Jilin Province China

Research Grants & Projects

Lineage and Popular Religion in the Chinese Countryside After the Reform
Popular Religion in the Countryside of South Fujin Province
Kinship in the Chinese Countryside