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Hiroshima University
Job title
Doctor of Medical Science(Teikyo University)
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We accept widely the student who is interested in immunobiology.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1979
Jul 1984
Research Assistant, Teikyo University
Apr 1981
Sep 1981
Assistant Researcher, Harverd Medical School
Aug 1984
Mar 1985
Research Assistant, Teikyo University
Jan 1985
Jul 1990
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Teikyo University
Mar 1985
May 1987
Professional Researcher, School of Medicine, New York University


Apr 1974
Mar 1979
Faculty of Science, Toho University

Awards & Honors

Oct 2011
10th Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting,Best Poster Award

Published Papers

Analysis of T cell hybridomas. 2. Comparisons among three distinct type of monoclonal suppressor factors.
J. Exp. Med.   154 1838-1851   1981   [Refereed]
Analysis of T cell hybridomas. 1.Characterization of H-2 and Igh restricted monoclonal suppressor factors.
J. Exp. Med.   154 1390-1402   Apr 1981   [Refereed]
I-J restriction on the activation and interaction of parental and F1-derived Ts3 suppressor cells.
J. Exp. Med.   156 465-479   Apr 1982   [Refereed]
Analysis of T cell hybridomas. 4. Characterization of inducible suppressor cell hybridomas.
J. Exp. Med.   157 1379-1395   Apr 1983   [Refereed]
Production of IL-1 alpha and beta by human peripheral polymorphonuclear neutrophils.
Int. Archs. Allergy Appl. Immunol   88 297-303   Apr 1987   [Refereed]

Books etc

Study of anti-LPS antibodies in Behcet’s disease, ’Behcet’s Disease. Pathogeneic Mechanism and Clinical Future (Ed. by G. Inaba)
Tokyo Univ. Press.   1982   
Analysis of the suppressor T cell cascade with products derived from T cell hybridomas, ’Cell Fusion: Gene Transfer and Transformation’ (Ed. by R.F.Beers,Jr. & E.G.Basett)
Raven Press= New York   1984   ISBN:890049416
Immediate hypersensitivity: A brief history, ’Immunology: The making of a modern science’, (Ed. by R.Gallagher, J.Gilder, G.Salvatore, G.Nossal)
Academic Press= New York=   1995   
Maintanance of chicken embryonic stem cells in vitro. “Embryonic stem cells-II, : Methods and Protocols” Ed by K. Turksen, Human Press Inc. Totowa, NJ, 2006
Horiuchi H., Furusawa,S., Matsuda H. (Part:Joint Work)
Maintenance of chicken embryonic stem cells in vitro Embrionic Stem Cells-II Method in Molecular Biology
Horiuchi, H., Furusawa, S., Matsuda, H. (Part:Joint Work)

Conference Activities & Talks

Internal quality guarantee system of the education in Hiroshima University [Invited]
Shuichi Furusawa
Seminar on the internal quality guarantee systems construction of the education   2013   National Institution for Academic Degree and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education
I gave a lecture on an internal quality guarantee system using the HiPROSPECTS and e-learning portfolio in Hiroshima University.
Flipped Class Room in the Scientific Lecture -Trial of acquirement and the ability for applied development training of the knowledge- [Invited]
Shuichi Furusawa
The 22nd Kyoto University Conference on Higher Education   Mar 2016   Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, Kyoto University