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Koriyama Women's University
Faculty of Home Economics Department of Food & Nutrition

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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1989
Mar 2014
Associate Professor, Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine


Veterinary anatomy, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Iwate University
Veterinary medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University

Published Papers

Motor neurons with limb-innervating character in the cervical spinal cord are sculpted by apoptosis based on the Hox cord in chick embryo
Katsuki Mukaigasa, Chie Sakuma, Tomoaki Okada, Shunsaku Homma, Takako Shimada, Keiji Nishiyama, Noboru Sato, Hiroyuki YaginumaNISHIYAMA Keiji
Development   144 4645-4657   Oct 2017   [Refereed]


Secretory activity of the intraocular homotransplanted pars intermedia of the frog, Rana nigromaculata.
Neuroendocrinology   43 689-695   1986
Fine structure of the pars intermedia of the pituitary gland antotransplanted into the anterior chamber of the frog eye.
Fukushima Journal of Medical Science   29(1-2) 33-44   1982
Anatomic reanalysis of trigeminal ganglion block
Journal of Clinical Anesthesia   3(2) 27-32   1979
A case of bilateral existense of sciatic artery in man
Fukushima Medical Journal   29(5-6) 377-382   1979
The amount of melanophore-stimulating hormone in the pars intermedia of single pituitary glands of Rana nigromaculata after intraocular homotransplantation of the pars intermedia.
Fukushima Journal of Medical Science   28(1-2) 1-6   1981
Anatomic and clinical studies of radicular symptoms.
Spine   9(1) 23-30   1984
Weight reduction of thymus and depletion of lymphocytes of T-dependent area in peripheral lymphoid tissues of mice infected with Francisella tubarensis.
Infection and Immunity   49(3) 812-818   1985
Anatomic features of the furcal nerve and its clinical significance.
Spine   11(10) 1002-1007   1986
Experimental studies on the hypothalamic inhibitory control of the intermediate pituitary gland in the frog with special reference to the MSH-release inhibiting neuron.
Fukushima Medical Journal   37(3) 337-364   1987
Treatment of Poly I.C. induces lipid peroxide generation and abnormal changes as in Reye's syndrome
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine   145(12) 839-840   1988
Anatomy of the dorsal ramus of the first cervical spinal nerve and its clinical significance
Orthopedics Surgery and Traumatology   32(8) 983-989   1989
Peripheral nerve injury enhances α2-adrenergic receptor expression by some DRG neurons.
Society for Neuroscience Abstracts   19(1) 499   1993
Quantitative analysis of central terminal projections of visceral and somatic unmyelinated (C) primery afferent fibers in the guinea pig
Journal of Comparative Neurology   332 315-325   1993
Sympathetic and sensory innervation of the rat shoulder joint. A WGA-HRP tracing and CGRP immurohistochemical study.
Anatomy and Embryology   191 465-469   1995
D2-like dopamine receptor mediates dopaminergic or γ-aminobutyric acidergic inhibition of melanotropin-releasing hormone release from the pars intermedia in frogs (Rana nigromaculata)
Endocrinology   136(12) 5260-5265   1995
Formaldehyde exposure levels and exposure control measures during an anatomy dissecting course
Acta Anatomica Nipponica   78(2) 43-51   2003
Exposure to formaldehyde in an anatomy dissecting course of medical students
Journal of the National Institute of Public Health   52(1) 64-69   2003
Fukushima J.Med.Sci.,   53(1) 19-25   2007
J.Comp.Neurol.      2013

Books etc

Organization of the central projections of unmyelinated primary afferent fibers
Proceeding and inhibition of nociceptive information   1992   

Research Grants & Projects

Hypothalamic control to the intermediate lobe of the pituitary
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1976   
Inhibitory control by anterodorsal hypothalamic area to the intermediate lobes of the pituitary
Relationship between sensory adrenergic receptor and sympathetic nervous system
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1991   
Hypersensitivity of dorsal root ganglion neurons afer periferal nerve injury by expression of adrenergic receptors
Generation and neuronal death of spinal motoneurons
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2003   
Expession of transcription factors on motoneuron differentiation and neuron death in the spinal cord of mouse embryo
mutation and clinical of lumbar plexus