MATSUDA Kazunobu

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MATSUDA Kazunobu
Bukkyo University
School of Buddhism Department of Buddhist Studies
Job title

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Otani University
Faculty of Literature, Otani University

Committee Memberships

International Association of Buddhist Studies  Regional Representative


Japanese Collections of Buddhist Manuscript Fragments from the Same Region as the Schøyen Collection
From Birch Bark to Digital Data Recent Advances in Buddhist Manuscript   165-169   2014
Sanskrit Manuscript of Sthiramati's Commentary to the Abhidharmakosabhasya
China Tibetology   (20 (2013-1)) 48-52   2013
Sanskrit Fragments of the Samdhinirmocanasutra
Foundation for Yoga Practitioner: Harvard Oriental Series-75   75 938-945   2013
Sanskrit Fragment of the Udanavarga (Recension 2) from Gilgit
Journal of School of Buddhism   95 17-32   2011
Sanskrit Manuscript Fragments of the Yogacarabhumi and Related Texts
Proceedings of the 2006 Geumgang International Buddhist Conference   55-60   2006

Books etc

Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection-1 (Buddhist Manuscripts, vol.1)
Hermes Publishing (Oslo, Norway)   2000   
Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection-3 (Buddhist Manuscripts, vol.2)
Hermes Publishing (Oslo, Norway)   2002   
Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection-4 (Buddhist Manuscripts, vol.3)
Hermes Publishing (Oslo, Norway)   2007   
Two Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Dasabhumikasutra
The Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for UNESCO   1996   
A study of the Pramanavarttikatika by Sakyabuddhi

Conference Activities & Talks

Palimpsests and Recycled Manuscripts from Bamiyan
17th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies   2014   
Mahayana Fragments in the Hirayama Kharosthi Collection
zum 32. Deutschen Orientalistentag Muenster (DOT2013)   2013   
Sanskrit Manuscript of Sthiramati's Commentary to the Abhidharmakosa
5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies   2012   
A Sanskrit Fragment of "Recension II" of the Udanavarga from Gilgit
The 16th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies   2011   
Japanese Collection of Buddhist Manuscript Fragments from Afghanistan and Pakistan
Indic Buddhist manuscripts: the State of the Field   2009   


Preliminary Report on the Conservation of the Bamiyan Birch Bark Buddhist Manuscripts
Aug 2009
Reports from the Kyoto Seminar for the Buddhist Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection,(共同)
Dec 1999