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Former Institution / Organization Hokkaido University Research Institute for Electronic Science
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Awards & Honors

Poster Award in International Conference on Auditory Cortex


The N400 component of event-related potentials in schizophrenic patients : A preliminary4study
Koyama S, Nageishi Y, Shimokochi M, Hokama H, Miyazato Y, Miyatani M, Ogura C
Electroencephalograph and Clinical Neurophysiology   78(2) 124-132   1991
Effect of semantic context and event-related potentials : N400 correlates with inhibition effect
Brain and Language   43 668-681   1992
ERPs in schizophrenic patients during word recognition task and reaction time
Koyama S, Hokama H, Miyatani M, Ogura C, Nageishi Y, Shimokochi M
Electroencephalograph and Clinical Neurophysiology   92(6) 546-554   1994
Gating of somatosensory evoked responses during active finger movements : magnetoencephalographic studies.
Kakigi R, Koyama S, Hoshiyama M, Watanabe S, Shimojo M, Kitamura Y
Journal of the Neurological Science   128(2) 195-204   1995
Kakigi R, Koyama S, Hoshiyama M, Kitamura Y, Shimojo M, Watanabe S
Neurosci Lett.   192(1) 45-48   1995

Books etc

Koyama S & Kakigi R, Does spreading activation in semantic memory modulate N400? In : C.Ogura, Y.Koga and M.Shimokochi(Eds)
Recent Advances in Event-Related Brain Research. Elsevier North Holland   1996   
The cortices involved in Japanese character(Kanji and Kana) recognition : a magnetoencephalographic study
Brain Topography Today. Elsevier Science B. V   1998   
Evoked magnetic responses during a word completion task
Functional Neuroscience:Evoked potentials and magnetic fields   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

An Inter-Stimulus Interval effect on Early Part of Slow Field Differed Between Native and Non-Native Vowels in Japanese Speakers
15th International Conference on Biomagnetism   2006   
Neural Correlates of Audio-Vocal Feedback in Human
International Conference on the Auditory Cortex「The Listening Brain」   2006   
Speech comprehension assessed by electroencephalography: a new method using m-sequence modulation
NEUROSCIENCE2006   2006   
A functional MRI study on auditory feedback control of pitch.
4th Joint Meeting Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan(Hawaii)   2006   
Visually evoked brain potentials associated with volumetric completion.
NEUROSCIENCE2006(Atlanta)   2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on human cognitive functionusing magnetoencephalography(NEG)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Study on visual information processing in humcun using fMRI
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
a study on the mechanisms for speech perception and its application to English teaching methods
JST Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX)
Project Year: 2004 - 2007