KONDO Norihiko

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KONDO Norihiko

Research Interests


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Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo


"The Key to Understand the Creation of 'Yobuko to Kuchibue'"
The Seijo University Arts and Literature Quarterly   (115) 25-40   1986
"An Insight into the Creation of 'Yobuko to Kuchibue'by ISHIKAWA Takuboku"
The Seijo University Arts and Literature Quarterly   (116) 61-93   1986
"Teaching Materials on Takuboku : Research and Examination"
Annual Report, Seijo Gakuen Education Institute   (9) 65-105   1986
"A New Interpretation of 'O, the sadness of lifeless sand……! 'by Takuboku"
(20) 1-13   1987
"Takuboku's great Advance in the Idea of State during 1909 and 1910"
The Seijo University Arts and Literature Quarterly   (120) 39-56   1987

Books etc

Marx's Concept on Production
The Man Who Shoots the state : ISHIKAWA Takuboku as a Critique
ISHIKAWA Takuboku and JAPAN in Meiji Era
SIX Prophecies by ISHIKAWA Takuboku : What He Could Foresee and How He Described It ?
"A Note on the History of Takuboku Studies" and three other articles
Proceedings of the 1991 Conference of the International Society of TAKUBOKU Studies held in Taibei, Taiwan (published by the Dept. of Japanese, Tamkang University)   1992   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Ishikawa Takuboku
Study on the Japanese literature during the industrial revolution