KANDO Noriko

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KANDO Noriko
National Institute of Informatics


Full-text Database Search Using Functional Structure of Document.
Research Bulletin of the National Center for Science Information Systems.   7    1995
Structure of News Stories : As Relating to the Indexing and Retrieval.
Journal of Japan Indictors Association.   19(1) 1-17   1995
Functional Structure Analysis of the Research Articles and Its Application : Extraction of State-Descriptive-Sentences from Articles on Viral Hepatitis C and Automatic Category Assignment.
Annals of Japan Society of Library Science.   40(2) 49-61   1994
Structure Analysis of Information Media using the Categories : Re-examination of the Criterion Based on Linguistic Consideration.
Library and Information Science   31 39-49   1994
Functional Structure Analysis of Research Articles Selected from Three Specialties : Automatic Category Assignment.
Library and Information Science   31 25-38   1994

Books etc

Information Science in Theory and Practice
Keiso Shobo Pub.   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Content Structure of Text
Cross Language Information Retrieval
Evaluation of Japanese Text Retrieval System