Osamu Nitta

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Osamu Nitta
Tokyo Metropolitan University
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At present, I am a professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University. Prior to this, I had worked in handicapped children’s facilities, where I conducted my research and acquired my Ph D. at the same time. My special area is physical therapy for cerebral palsy. Presently, my interest and research are on improving posture and in preventing low back pain. The rapidly graying population of Japan makes this a very relevant field.
I love listening to jazz music and play the contrabass in joint concerts. On holidays, I enjoy outdoor activities with my three sons.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate professor of Tokyo metropolitan
University of Health Sciences


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Nihon University
Faculty of Arts, Nihon University

Published Papers

Ryotaro Suzuki,Rintaro Onishi,Keiko Kasamatsu,Yoshiki Shimomura,Osamu Nitta,Ryuta Motegi,Shin Tsuchiya,Nami Shida,Naoyuki Takesue
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Yamamoto S, Furukawa Y, Fukushima S, Nitta O
Journal of physical therapy science   30(9) 1164-1167   Sep 2018   [Refereed]


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© 2017, Society of Physical Therapy Science (Rigaku Ryoho Kagakugakkai). All rights reserved. [Purpose] To investigate the effects of pelvic tilt on trunk function and on change in sitting pressure during a side reach test performed by healthy sub...
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Books etc

新田 收, 松田 雅弘, 楠本 泰士
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新田 收
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ジャパンライム (発売)   2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

大西林太郎, 鈴木諒太郎, 笠松慶子, 下村芳樹, 新田收, 茂木龍太, 土屋真, 信太奈美, 武居直行
計測自動制御学会システムインテグレーション部門講演会(CD-ROM)   13 Dec 2018   
木村優希, 楠本泰士, 土屋香子, 菅原実季, 友成亮太, 南雲千奈美, 宮崎夏輝, 高木健志, 松田雅弘, 新田收
日本保健科学学会誌(Web)   6 Oct 2018   
楠本泰士, 竹田智之, 新田收, 松田雅弘, 高木健志
日本保健科学学会誌(Web)   6 Oct 2018   
楠本泰士, 菅原仁, 新田收, 松田雅弘, 高木健志
日本保健科学学会誌(Web)   6 Oct 2018   
平野恵健, 阿部真也, 川上悟, 新田收, 工藤香澄, 池田杏未, 石谷真, 藤岡高弘, 今村健太郎
日本保健科学学会誌(Web)   6 Oct 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Factors Relating to the Renge of Motion in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
Project Year: 1986 - 2004
Major determinants for house-bound elderlies to utilize Technical-aids
Project Year: 1986 - 2006
Environment preparation for the severely mentally and physically handicap
Project Year: 1986 - 2006