SAKUMA Kazuhiro

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SAKUMA Kazuhiro
Kindai University
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Science
Doctor of Science(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Published Papers

Self-intersection class for singularities and its application to fold maps
Transactions of American Mathematical Society   355(9) 3825-3838   Nov 2003
Existence problem for fold maps
Real and Complex singularities   342-387   Jun 2007
A note on a recursive formula of the Arf-Kervaire invariant
Int. J. Open Probl. Comput. Sci. Math.   1(1) 66-70   Feb 2008
Braid group and topological quantum computing
Kinki Univ. Ser. Quantum Comput.      Oct 2008
Journal of London Mathematical Society   81(2) 338-354   May 2010


On special generic maps of simply connected 2n-manifolds into R3
Topology and its Applications   50 249-261   1993
On the topology of simple fold maps
Tokyo Journal of Mathematics   17(1) 21-31   1994
Immersed n-manifolds in (]G0454[)2n and the double points of their generic projections into (]G0454[)2n-1
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society   348(7) 2585-2606   1996
Maps with only Morin singularities and the Hopf invariant one problem(共著)
Math. Proc. Cambridge Phil. Soc.      1997
On special generic maps into R3
Pacific Journal of Mathematics      1998

Books etc

Geometry and Singularity
共立出版   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Stable Maps of Manifolds