KITAMA Toshihiro

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KITAMA Toshihiro
University of Yamanashi
The Center for Life Science Research
Ph.D.(University of Tsukuba), M.M.S.(University of Tsukuba)

Research Interests


Research Areas



The site of interaction between saccade signals and vestibular signals induced by head rotation in the alert cat : functional properties and organization of buster-driving neurons.
J. of Neurophysiology   74 273-287   1995
Orienting-related eye-neck neurons of the medial ponto-bulbar reticular formation do not participate in horizontal canal-dependent vestibular reflexes.
Brain Research Bulletin   38 337-347   1995
Post-spike facilitation of neck EMG by cat tecto-reticulo-spinal neurones during orienting movements.
J. of Physiology   482(2) 455-466   1995
Anatomical evidence for ipsilateral collicular projections to the spinal cord in the cat.
Experimental Brain Research   100 160-164   1994
Tracing premoter brain stem networks of orienting movements.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology   3 973-981   1993

Books etc

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Research Grants & Projects

Neuronal mechanisms in the control of Eye movement.
Acoustic Information Processing in Central Mervous System