MURO Keiko

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MURO Keiko
Ashikaga University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Innovative Engineering,Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Job title
M.Eng.(Tokyo Metropolitan University), Dr.Eng.(Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Published Papers

MURO Keiko
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   24(56) 253-258   2018
Since adjusting the amounts of clothing worn within the home is an effective way to cope with increasing or decreasing temperatures, we conducted questionnaire surveys in summer and winter in order to gain an understanding of how heating and cooli...
MURO Keiko, KUWASAWA Yasuo, AOKI Masatsugu, IMAI Satoko
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   19(43) 1031-1036   2013
The reduction of residential energy consumption is a very important issue. Housing plans with a combined living room and kitchen are becoming more common. It is impossible to disregard the influence of the heat of cooking on the indoor thermal env...
KODERA Sadanori, MURO Keiko, TAKATA Hiroshi, ICHIKAWA Noriyoshi
J. Environ. Eng.   77(673) 167-173   2012
The item concerning the water use was extracted from the questionnaire of the energy consumed executed for the home (1793) that resided in the housing complex of the UR lease of the metropolitan area and Kansai region in 2007, and a regulated fact...
Keiko MURO, Teruaki MITAMURA, Toshihiro ANZAI, Shinzo NAKAI
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   13(26) 607-611   2007
The greenhouse cultivation is often used by the agriculture. It is possible to grow vegetables in the greenhouse in summer if the greenhouse is airconditioned. In addition, the amount of agrichemicals decreases, because the insects do not enter th...
MAE Masayuki, IIO Akihiko, INOUE Takashi, MURO Keiko, TANAKA Toshihiko, HIRAYAMA Sho, SEKIZAKI Makoto
Journal of environmental engineering   (610) 91-98   Dec 2006
The energy consumption in Japanese houses is increasing rapidly, and it's effective saving method and minute investigations are needed. We carried out detailed load survey on actual houses in Kanto district, 9 detached houses and 5 apartment house...

Books etc

Standards for Measurement of Psychological and Physiological Response to Thermal Environment
Architectural Institute of Japan   Mar 2014   
Academic Standards for Measurement of Indoor Thermal Environment
Architectural Institute of Japan   Mar 2008   

Research Grants & Projects

Method for evaluation of comfort in human - emvironment system
Architectual system for environmentally symbiosis and comfort.
Thermal Comfort of living environment