ISOI Toshiyuki

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ISOI Toshiyuki
Meijo University
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Bioscience
Job title
Associate Professor


Low Nitrogen Fixation of Common Bean (Phaseolus- vulgaris- L. )
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   37(3) 559   1991
Comparison of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal flora under different cropping systems in a Light-colored Andosol of Japan
Soil Microorganisms   50,61    1997
Secretion of Formate in Phosphorus-Deficient Nutrient Solution fron Peanut Seedlings (Arachis- hypogaea- L.)
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   41(2) 389   1995
Growth, Nodulation, and Nitrogen Fixation of Soybean Plants with Seeds Treated with Kasugamycin
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   36(2) 283   1990
Effect of thiram (tetramethyl-thiuram-disulphide) application on nodulation in soybean and Kidney bean plants : Observation using the root-box-culture technique
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   34(4) 633   1988

Books etc

Current development in soybean-Rhizobium- symbiotic nitrogen fixation
Heilongjiang Science & Technology Publishing House   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Studies on Phosphorus Cycling in some farmland and forest
Studies on Plant Symbiotic Soil Microbes under Environmental Stresses