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Kyushu University
Institute of Health Science, Second Department of Health Science (Clinical Science and Psychology)
Job title
Doctor (Medical Sciences)(Kyushu University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Circaseptan rhythm in sodium and potassium excretion in salt-sensitive and salt-resistant Dahl rats.
Progress in Clinical Biological Research   227A(pp.297-307)    1987
Circadian variations of blood pressure responses to 3 hourly load of upright pogition
Therapeutic Research   16(pp.283-286)    1995
Circadian biological characteristics after shifting sleep and meal times.
Scripta Medica   75(3)(pp.145-150)    2002
Clinical Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology   29(7)(pp.582-588)    2002

Books etc

Circaseptan Rhythms in Clinically Healthy Subjects
Chronobiology1982-1983   1984   
A two-dimensional index for the assessment of elevated blood pressure.
Chronobiology, Its role in clinical medicine, general biology and agriculture. Part A. Wiley-Liss   1990   
Circannual differences in circadian variations of blood pressure and heart rate in Japanese women.
Chronobiology and Chronomedicine. Medical Review   1992   
Evaluation of the spontaneous variations of cardiovascular variables.
Chronobiology and Chrono-medicine:Basic Research and Applications. Peter Lang   1993   
Health check-up
Modern Health Sciences   1998   
§5. Biological rhythmicity and Hypertension in"Biological rhythmicity and health"
Gakkai Center, Kansai   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Blood pressure elevation with age and lifestyle in Nepalese population.
The 1st Pacific RIM Hypertension Conference.   1995   
Effects of leaf extract of Eucomnia ulmoides on blood pressure in Japanese.
The 1st International Symposium of Eucommia Ulmoides.   1997   
Leaf extract of Eucommia Ulmoides lowered blood pressure for 24 hours in borderline hyper-tensives.
17th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension.   1998   
Changes of circadian characteristics of biological variables in shifted sleep-wake patterns.
The 8th Conference of American Chronobiology and International Chronopharmacology.   1999   
Natural near-weeks of biology and geophysics differ from the man-made week. Transdisciplinary meta-analytic hints.
7th International Fair of Medical Technology and Pharmacy.   1999   
Circadian biological characteristics after shifting sleep and meal times.
8th International Fair of Medical Technology and Pharmacy (Kongress MEFA 2000)   2000   
Average 17 year follow-up study of normotensive and hypertensive male university students.
5th International Conference of Preventive Cardiology.   2001   
Distribution of blood pressure in university students in Japan: Report from the annual examination of health in 2000.
19th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension.   2002   
Circadian variations of biological variables in different sleep-wake patterns (3rd report).
1st World Congress of Chronobiology and 10th Scientific Meeting of Japanese Society for Chronobiology.   2003   
Cosmos and blood pressure of 95-year old severe emotional MESOR-hypertension with little end organ damage.
3rd International Congress on Cardiovascular Disease.   2004   


Comparative Epidemiological Studies on the Genesis of Hypertension in Nepal
Health Investigation in Takashima
1984 - 1988
Lifestyle survey in university students
Chronobiological studies on epideniology of mammary cancer between U.S and Japan.
Research on hypertensive effects of"Eucomnic Ulmoides"
Studies of the effects of sleep-wake cycle on biological rhythmicity
New approach to tailor-made medical treatment based on the ultra-sensitive assay of melatonin.
2002 - 2003

Research Grants & Projects

Chronobiological studies in physiological variables
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1977   
Studies of synchronizers on circadian rhythms.
The Other Research Programs