WANG Qingxiang

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WANG Qingxiang
Yokkaichi University
Faculty of Environmental and Information sciences, Department of Environmental and Information sciences., Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences
Job title
Doctor of Science(The University of Tokyo), (BLANK)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Mathematics, Faculty of Science, The Northeastern Normal University


A Comparision of"Suan-Fa Tong-Zong"with"Jin-Ko Ki"
Journal of History of Mathematics, Japan   (113-114) 1-53・1-42   1987
A Consideration of Mathematical terms in China
Journal of History of Mathematics, Japan   (126) 1-6   1990
A Connection between the Si-yuan Shu and the Thought of the Universe Formation.
Journal of History of Mathematics, Japan   (141-142) 11-18・9-17   1994
A Philosophical Back Ground of Tian-Yuan-Shu
Journal of History of Mathematics, Japan   (147) 11-18   1995
On Kaetsu Toshiyuki's"Sanpo Yenri Katuno" and Hodoji Wajuro
Journal of History of Mathematics Japan   119 9-16   1987

Books etc

Japan's Acceptance of Chinese Mathematics of the Song and Yuan Periods〜Chinese Roots of Seiki Takakazu's Mathematics〜
The T(]E87C7[)y(]E87C7[) Shoten Press   1999   
The Self-Education Textbook of the Essential Chinese Language
Toyo-shoten Press   2004   
May, 2004

Research Grants & Projects

The philosophical principles of Environment
Project Year: 1999   
The Cultural Structure of Chinese and Japanese Traditional Mathematics
Project Year: 1999   
How to Teach Chinese Language at Universities
Project Year: 1999 - 2004