SASAKI Satohiko

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SASAKI Satohiko
Doctor of Philosophy(University of Wisconsin)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University University Research Center, Nihon University (URC), University Research Center (URC) "University Research Center, Nihon University (URC)"


Plant and Tree Physiology, Graduate School, Graduate School, University of Wisconsin
Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo

Books etc

Development of new bioremediation systems of acid sulfate soil for agriculture and forestry
Proceedings of the Final International Meeting for 21st Century Center of Excellence(COE)Program.Shoukadoh Book Sellers.Nihon University   2008   

Conference Activities & Talks

Differences of growth response to aluminum excess of two Melaleuca trees differing in aluminum resistance
XVI International Plant Nutrition Colloquium   2009   
Characterization of alkalinizing bacteria isolated from plants,inhabiting Acidic Swamps in actual Acid Sulfate Soil Area of Viet Nam.
11th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology(ISME-11)   2006   
Adaptive Excretion of Ammonia of Ludwigia adscendens, an Adapted Plant in Highly Acidic Swamps in an Acid Sulfate Soil Area of Viet Nam.
18th World Congress of Soil Science   2006   
Functional analysis of adaptation of plants to strongly acidic soil.
18th World Congress of Soil Science   2006   


Development of new bioremediation sytems
2003 - 2007
The development of sustainable biological production technologies harmonized with regional environmental conditions in East Asia.
1994 - 1999

Research Grants & Projects

Rehabilitation of tropical forests
Physiology of tree species
Production and Utilization of Biomass
Conservation of natural environment