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University of the Sacred Heart
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of History and Social Sciences
Job title
Vice President,Professor
Ph.D., M.M.

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Visiting Scholar, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles(2004-2005)


Graduate Course, Department of Ethnomusicology, University of California Los Angeles
Music Education, Faculty of Music, University of Michigan


"Music, Identity, and Religious Change among the Toba Batak People of North Sumatra"
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International Council for Traditional Music: Music and Minorities Study Group Meeting (Valna, Bulgaria)      2006
"A Cambodian Performing Artist: Creativity and the Impact of Diasporic Experiences"
Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting (Honolulu)      2006
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_Authenticity and Cultural Identity: Performing arts in Southeast Asia(Senri Ethnologiacal Reports(65)      2007
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The Human World and Musicl Diversity   213-218   2008
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"Towards More Balanced Teaching Materials: The Performing Arts of Cambodia"
International Council for Traditional Music Applied Ethnomusicology Study Group Meeting      2010

Books etc

Chapter 5 Southeast Asia in Introduction to World Music
Ongaku-no-tomo-sha   1999   


Study of gamelan performance in Bali, Indonesia
Study of Music, Ethnic Identity, and Religious Change Among The Toba Batak People of North Sumatra
1989 - 1992
Study of change in musical culture among the Toba Batak people of North Sumatra
Study of a new tradition in liturgical music among the Toba Batak people of North Sumatra
A field research on to musical tradition at Kota Baru, Kelantan, in Malaysia.

Research Grants & Projects

Musical culture of the Southeast Asain diaspora