ISONO Hiroaki

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ISONO Hiroaki
Former Institution /Organization Department of orthodintics

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Dental Research, Tsurumi University
Faculty of Dentistry, Tsurumi University


Reactiveness of the periodontal ligament during relapse of experimentally moued teeth
The Journal of Japan Orthodontic Society   54(1) 13   1995
Application of osseointegrated implants to bone-grafted region in deft lip and palate
Tokyo Ortho dontic Society      1995
Treatment by distalization of lower posterior teeth without premolar extraction
Tsurumi university dental society      1996
Review of extraction frequencies in orthodontic treatment Tsurumi University for the past 25 years
The journal of Japan orthodontic society   57(2) 103-106   1998
Team approach to occlusal reconstruction for cleft lip and palate patient with dental implant : A case report
Tsurumi University dental society   25(3) 315-320   1999

Research Grants & Projects

The metabolic and proliferatine activities of fibroblast of periodontal ligament during relapse of teeth movement
Orthodontic treatment of patient with lateral cleft lip and palate using osseointegrated dental implahts in conjunction with se condary bone grafing