MATSUO Hironobu

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MATSUO Hironobu
Shizuoka University
Faculty of Engineering - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering(Toyohashi University of Technology), Master of Engineering(Toyohashi University of Technology)
Other affiliation
Shizuoka UniversityShizuoka University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
- Assistant professor, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology

Published Papers

Development of hybrid solar heat pump system for domestic hot water - The variation of coefficient of performance due to heat source -
[責任著者]松尾 廣伸 [共著者]野田 淳,永末 達郎
Journal of JSES   44(1) 63-70   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Influence of the number of divisions and the calculation time interval on the temperature distribution in a multi-connected complete mixing type of hot water storage tank
松尾 廣伸
Journal of JSES   43(6) 35-42   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Improvement of IEA model with power section of clearness index
[責任著者]松尾 廣伸 [共著者]小笠原 亮
133(3) 295-296   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Development of Environmental Monitoring System in Shizuoka University
[責任著者]峰野博史 [共著者]松尾廣伸,黒木秀和,荻野司,長谷川孝博
94(7) 780-792   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
Electromagnetic shielding efficiency of plasma treated and electroless metal plated polypropylene nonwoven fabrics
[責任著者]M. Stefecka [共著者]M. Kando,H. Matsuo,Y. Nakashima,M. Koyanagi,T. Kamiya,M.Cernak
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE   39 2215-2217   Jan 2004   [Refereed]


Utilizaiton of Solar thermal in the future for the RE 100%
松尾 廣伸
Journal of Japan Solar Energy Society   42(5) 17-23   Sep 2016
Design and Development of hybrid solar heat pump for domestic water heating and air-conditioning
Journal of Japan Solar Energy Society   37(4) 25-30   Jul 2011
meaurement results of temperature, humidity, and amout of consumption or produced energy in aseismatic eco-house for five years.
[責任著者]松尾 廣伸 [共著者]鎌倉茂
Journal of Japan Solar Energy Society   36(2) 3-9   Mar 2010
Self-consistent Simulation of a High-voltage Glow Discharge in Helium
[責任著者]P. Hartmann [共著者]H. Matsuo,Y. Ohtsuka,M. Fukao,M. Kando,Z. Donko
Joint Conference of 16th ESCAMPIG and ICRP5 proceedings   1 245-246   Jan 2002