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Nihon University
College of Economics, no data
Job title
Ph.D.(University of Chicago), MA(University of Chicago)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1983
Aug 1987
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
Jan 1988
Jan 1989
Research Assistant, National Opinion Research Center (NORC), University of Chicago
Jan 1990
Mar 1990
Teaching Assistant, Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago
Oct 1994
Mar 1996
Lecturer, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Apr 1996
Mar 1999
Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Edogawa University


英語, Faculty of Foreign Language, Sophia University
Sociology, Graduate School, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago

Published Papers

Meaning of Paid Work: An Analysis of Working Couples' Attitudes Towards Joint Responsibility for Income-Earning
Japanese Sociological Review   56(1) 165-181   Jun 2005   [Refereed]
Meanings of Chocolate: Power and Gender in Valentine's Gift Giving
International Journal of Japanese Sociology   (5) 41-66   1996   [Refereed]
Office Ladies and Salaried Men : Power, Gender and Work in Japanese Companies
University of Chicago Ph. D. dissertation      1995   [Refereed]
Valentine's Day Gift Giving in Japan
University of Chicago MA thesis      1989   [Refereed]


The Slow Decline of the Male-Breadwinner Family Model in Contemporary Japan and Its Ramifications on Men's Lives
The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies   (699) 15-26   Sep 2018   [Invited]
季刊家計経済研究   Winter(81) 34-42   Jan 2009   [Invited]
Reintroducing the Life-Cycle Perspective into the Sociology of Life Course
研究紀要   (75) 139-153   Jan 2014
Japanese Corporate Transition in Time and Space by Tomoko Kurihara
Social Science Japan Journal   13(2) 278-281   Dec 2010   [Invited]
Japanese Workplaces in Transition: Employee Perceptions by Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Social Science Japan Journal   13(1) 149-151   Jun 2010   [Invited]

Books etc

Power in Contemporary Japan
Palgrave Macmillan   2016   ISBN:978-1-137-60166-7
北大路書房   Oct 2018   ISBN:4762830267
Social Inequalities in Comparative Perspective
Fiona Devine and Mary Waters
Blackwell   2004   
Women's Working Lives in East Asia
Mary Brinton
Stanford: Stanford University Press   2001   
Office Ladies and Salaried Men: Power, Gender, and Work in Japanese Companies
Berkeley: University of California Press   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Perception of gender roles among dual-earner couples
日本政治学会2017年度研究大会   24 Sep 2017   
What is wrong with Abe's "Womanomics"?
15th European Association for Japanese Studies   1 Sep 2017   
What is wrong with Abe's "Womanomics"? An analysis of gender-role perception in contemporary Japan
2016 IPSA World Congress of Political Science   26 Jul 2016   International Political Science Association
The Crisis of Intimate-Relationship Formation in Contemporary Japan
2015 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting   3 Sep 2015   American Political Science Association
Family Formation Crisis in Contemporary Japan
Third International Family Conference   30 Nov 2014   Journalists and Writers Foundation


Interview Survey to Japanese "Office Ladies" and "Salaried Men" Concerning Sex Discriminatory Office Environment