Ishikawa Masato

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Ishikawa Masato
Meiji University
School of Information and Communication
Job title
Bachelor of Science(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2004
School of Information and Communication Professor
Apr 2002
Mar 2004
School of Arts and Letters Professor
Apr 2002
Mar 2003
Duke University Dept. of Computer and Electric Engineering Visiting scholar
Mar 1997
Mar 2002
School of Arts and Letters Associate Professor
Apr 1996
Mar 1997
Meiji University School of Law Lecturer


Apr 1982
Mar 1983
Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 1978
Mar 1982
Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

International Society for Life and Information Science

Published Papers

Experimental System of Parallel Legal Reasoning using Precedents
◎MasakiHoshida* , MasatoIshikawa , KatsumiNitta*
Proc.on Parallel Knowledge Systems and Logic Programing,US Davis Research Report   CSE71(27) M16-23   1991
MASCOT : multiple alignment system for protein sequence based on three-way dynamic programming
Computer Applications in the Biosciences, Oxford University Press   9(2) 161-167   1993
Multiple sequence alignment by parallel simulated annealing
Computer Applications in the Biosciences, Oxford University Press   9(3) 267-273   1993
AI Technologies for Molecular Biology Analysis
◎KatsumiNitta* , MasatoIshikawa
26th Annual Hawaii Int.Conf.on System Sciences,IEEE   1 744-745   Jan 1993
Protein Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Knowledge
◎MakotoHirosawa* , MasakiHoshida* , MasatoIshikawa
26th Annual Hawaii Int.Conf.on System Sciences,IEEE   1 803-812   Jan 1993


The Multi-Scale 3D-1D Compatibility Scoring for Inverse Protein Folding Problem
◎KentaroOnizuka* , MasayukiAkahoshi* , MasatoIshikawa , KiyoshiAsai*
2nd Int.Conf.on Intelligent Systems in Molecula-Biology,AAAI   314-321   Aug 1994
Multiple RNA-Sequence Alignment Considering Stem Regions
◎MasatoIshikawa , TomoyukiToya* , YasushiTotoki* , ReikoTanaka*
Proc,Genome Informatics Workshop V,Universal Academy Press   110-119   Dec 1994
Simulative representation of biological knowledge using object-oriented database language
◎MakotoHirosawa* , ReikoTanaka* , HidetoshiTanaka* , MasayukiAkahoshi* , MasatoIshikawa
Proc,Genome Informatics Workshop V,Universal Academy Press   70-79   Dec 1994
Comprehensive study on iterative algorithms of multiple sequence alignment(共著)
Computer Applications in the Biosciences, Oxford University Press   11(1) 13-18   1995
Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor Featured by Constraint-Based Parallel Iterative Aligner
◎MasatoIshikawa , YasushiTotoki* , ReikoTanaka* , MakotoHirosawa*
3rd Int.Conf.on Bioinformatics and Genome Research,Word Scientific Publishing   385-396   1995

Books etc

Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Dec 2000   
The Mysterious Flame
Aug 2001   
Emotions Promote the Human Evolution.
Discover21   Jun 2011   
Sep 2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

Skyhook or Crane? : A Study on Dennett's Philosophy of Mind
Jun 1999   
Does Strong AI Need Scientific Revolution?
Sep 2000   
Could a Machine Get the Mind ?
Jan 2002   
An empathic agent system based on field consciousness
Parapsycholigical Association 53rd Annual Convention in Paris   Aug 2010   
A field RNG experiment using short movies: Effects of emotion
7th Psi Meeting: Psi Research and Anomalistic Psychology; Curitiba   Aug 2011   


Exceed English-Japanese Dictionary
The Others   Nov 1998

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Inference Mechanism
Project Year: Mar 1998 - Apr 1999
Meta-Theoretical Studies on Mind Science
Project Year: 1997   
Study on Information Culture
Cognitive Science