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Research Areas



Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University


The List of Studies on Hotel, Restaurant Japanese Inn end Tonrism Business Managements (Attached)
The Application of American Uniform System of Accounts for Hotel Industry to Japanese Hotel Industry
Hospitality management Seminar by Waseda & Cornell Universities.      2000
The Role of Hospitality Management in the coming 21st Century
Intonational Tourism Review, Japan Foundation for International Tourism   (8) 6   2000
Hospitality Management and Brand Value
International Tourism Review   3   2001
The Curent lssues of Japan's Hotel Accounting System-from the view points of the revision of Japan's Corporate adcornting Standard and lnt'l Accounting Standard.
Waseda Research Instituto of Hospitality   9   2001

Books etc

Hotel Managerial Accounting (20th Edition)
Shibata Publishing Co.   1998   
Hotel and Restaurant Management Contracts
Shibata Publishing Co. (Japanese Edition : Kornell University)   1992   
Financial Management and Human Resoarce Management in Tourism Industry
Doyukan Publishing Co.   1999   
Uniform System of Accounts for The Lodging Industry, 9th Revised Editor
Zeimu-Keiri Kyokai Publishing Co. Ltd Hotel Association of new York City, Inc., new York   2000   
Tourism Education
Kunpuru Publishing   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Hospitality Management
Study on Hotel and Restaurant Management
Study on Hotel & Restaurant Managerial Accounting