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Selective activation of apoptosis program by s-p-bromobenzylglutathione cyclopentyl diester in glyoxalase i-overexpressing human lung cancer cells(共著)
Clin Cancer Res.   7 2513-8   2001
Cyclic hydroxamic-acid-containing peptide 31, a potent synthetic histone deacetylase inhibitor with antitumor activity(共著)
Cancer Res.   61 4459-66   2001
An efficient and expeditious synthesis of a novel 5H-naphth[1',2' : 5,6][1,4]oxazino[2,3-b]quinoxalin-5-one and its unique inhibitory activity against a panel of human cancer cell lines(共著)
Heterocycles.   54 619-622   2001
Anti-tumor effect of N-beta-alanyl-5-S-glutathionyldihydroxyphenylalanine(5-S-GAD), a novel anti-bacterial substance from an insect(共著)
Anticancer Res.   20 357-62   2000
FJ5002 : a potent telomerase inhibitor identified by exploiting the disease-oriented screening program with COMPARE analysis(共著)
Cancer Res.   59 4004-11   1999
Biochem Biophys Res Commun.   264(3) 847-854   1999
Potent antitumor activity of MS-247, a novel DNA minor groove binder, evaluated by an in vitro and in vivo human cancer cell line panel(共著)
Cancer Res.   59 4042-9   1999
Up-regulation of p27Kip1 correlates inversely with anchorage-independent growth of human cancer cell lines(共著)
Jpn J Cancer Res.   89 110-5   1998
Tetrahedron Letters.   38(47) 8215-8218   1997
Anti-tumor efficacy of paclitaxel against human lung cancer xenografts(共著)
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   88 1205-1210   1997
Isolation of a novel gene showing reduced expression in metastatic colorectal carcinoma cell lines and cacinomas(共著)
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   88 725-731   1997
Isolation of murine and human homologues of the fission-yeast dis3+ gene encoding a mitotic-control protein and its overexpression in cancer cells with progressive phenotype(共著)
Cancer Res.   57 921-925   1997
Expression of Carbohydrate-binding protein p33/41 human tumor cell lines(共著)
J. Biochem.   119 346-353   1996
Establihment of a hepatocyte cell line producing growth-promoting factors for liver-colonizing tumor cells(共著)
Jpn. J. Caner Res.   87 146-152   1996
Identification of interleukin-6 as a factor that induces neurite outgrowth by PC12 cells primed with NGF(共著)
J Biochem.   120 865-868   1996
Sayoko IHARA, Tohru NISHIKAWA, Koutarou KIMURA, Toshihide FUJIYOSHI, Toshiyuki SHIRAI, Akiko KOMI, Hiroaki KANDA, Takao YAMORI, Yasuhisa FUKUI
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.   60(8) 1339-1345   1996
Purification and characterization of the platelet-aggregating sialoglycoprotein gp-44 expressed by high metastatic variant cells of mouse colon adenocarcinoma 26(共著)
Cancer Research.   55 767-773   1995
Expression of sulfomucins in normal mucosae, colorectal adenocarcinomas, and metastases(共著)
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   86 1060-1067   1995
Hayayo Kawakami, Yoshiakira Kanai, Takao Yamori, Takashi Tsuruo, Hiroshi Hirano
Acta Histochem Cytochem.   28(2) 191-192   1995
Inhibitory effects of tumor invasion-inhibiting factor 2 and its conjugate on disseminating tumor cells(共著)
Cancer Res.   54 1264-1270   1994
Production of monoclonal antibodies specific to the carboxyl terminal region of the 85kDa subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase ; Use of the antibodies in recognition of mutant p85(共著)
Immunol. Cell Biol.   73 1-6   1994
Evaluation of antitumor activity of navelbine(vinorelbine ditartrate)against human breast carcinoma xenografts based on its pharmacokinetics in nude mice(共著)
Anti-Cancer Drugs.   5 634-640   1994
Expression of insulin receptor substrate-1 in hepatocytes : an investigation using monoclonal antibodies(共著)
Cancer Letters.   84 85-92   1994
Anticancer activities of orally administered menogaril against human stomach and breast cancers implanted in mude mice(共著)
Anticancer Res.   12 1953-1956   1992
Ectopic expression of mucins in colorectal cancer metastasis(共著)
Semin Cancer Biol.   2 129-39   1991
Insulin-like growth factor I rapidly induces tyrosine phosphorylation of a Mr 150,000 and a Mr 160,000 protein in highly metstatic mouse colon carcinoma 16 NL-17 cells(共著)
Cancer Res.   51 5859-5865   1991
Inhibition of lung colonization of mouse colon 26 adenocarcinoma by recombinant mouse interferon b through a modification of platelet function.(共著)
Clin. Expl. Metastasis.   8 203-213   1990
Low metastatic potential of clone from murine colon adenocarcinoma 26 increased by transfection of activated c-erB-2 gene(共著)
J. Natl. Cancer Inst.   82 1633-1636   1990
Insulin and insulin like growth factor (]G0001[) stimulate proliferation of metastatic variants of colon carcinoma 26.(共著)
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   80 51-58   1989
Monoclonal antibody against human colonic sulfomucin : Immunochemical detection of its binding sites in colonic mucosa, colorectal primary carcinoma, and metastases(共著)
Cancer Research.   49 887-894   1989
Increased expression of sialyl-dimeric LeX antigen in liver metastases of human colorectal carcinoma(共著)
Cancer Res.   49 6883-8   1989
Development of lymphosarcoma lines with high metastatic ability to lymph nodes and visceral organs in BALB/c mice.(共著)
Clin. Expl. Metastasis.   6 141-152   1988
Differential expression of a sialoglycoprotein with an approximate molecular weight of 90,000 on metastatic human colon carcinoma cells growing in culture and in tumor tissues(共著)
Cancer Res.   48 2353-2360   1988
Growth stimulating activity of lung extract on lung-colonizing colon 26 clones and its partial characterization.(共著)
Clin. Expl. Metastasis.   6 131-139   1988
Glycoconjugates and tumor metastasis. In : A. M. (ed.), Molecular Immunology of Complex Carbohydrates.(共著)
New York ; Prenum Press   677-704   1987
Differential production of high molecular weight sulfated glycoproteins in normal colonic mucosa, primary colon carcinoma, and metastases.(共著)
Cancer Res.   47 2741-2747   1987
Acquisition of metastatic ability in hybridomas between two low metastatic clones of colon adenocarcinoma 26 defective in either platelet-aggregating activity or in vivo growth potential.(共著)
Cancer Res.   47 4396-4401   1987
The relationship of collagenolytic activity to stage of human colorectal carcinoma.(共著)
Int. J. Cancer.   40 24-31   1987
Tumor induced platelet aggregation and growth promoting factors as determinants for successful tumor metastasis.(共著)
Clin. Expl. Metastasis,   4 25-33   1986
Inhibition of spontaneous and experimental tumor metastasis by the calcium antagonist verapamil.(共著)
Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol.   14 30-33   1985
Metastasis after intravenous inoculation of highly metastatic variant of mouse tumors and the effect of several antitumor drugs on the tumors.(共著)
Gann.   75 193-198   1984
Spontaneous metastatic variants of mouse tumor and the effect of drugs on the metastasis.(共著)
Gann.   75 557-563   1984
Isolation and characterization of highly and rarely metastatic clones from murine colon adenocarcninoma 26.(共著)
Invasion and Metastasis.   4 84-97   1984
Characterization of metasttic clones derived from a metastatic variant of mouse colon adnocarcinoma 26.(共著)
Cancer Res.   43 5437-5442   1983
J. Antibiot. (Tokyo).   34(9) 1206-1209   1981
Enhanced cytocidal action fo methotrexate by conjugation to concanavalin A(共著)
Int. J. Cancer   26 655-659   1980
J. Pharmaco-Biodymanics.   3(10) 532-536   1980

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Discovery and evaluation of New Anticancer drugs
Molecular Mechanism of Cancer Metastasis
Study of Molecular Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs by a Bioinformatic Approach