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Tohoku University
Graduate School of International Cultural StudiesDivision of International Cultural Studies
Job title
PhD(University of Reading)

Research Areas



Oct 1996
Dec 1999
University of Reading (PhD course)

Committee Memberships

Oct 2006
Dec 2006
British Shakespeare Association  Reader
Apr 2009
Mar 2013
Shakespeare Society of Japan  a member of the executive committee

Awards & Honors

Apr 2011
Folger Fellowship
Aug 2004
Fulbright Scholarship
Feb 1993
福原賞, 福原記念基金

Published Papers

‘The Tire-house doore and Tapistrie betweene’: What is the Location Implied in This Phrase?
Mariko Ichikawa
Shakespeare Studies   57 1-18   2019   [Refereed][Invited]
Were Property Booths Used in the First Performance of Jonson's Bartholomew Fair?
Mariko Ichikawa
Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre   71 72-93   2017   [Refereed]
Stage Directions and the Stage Space
Mariko Ichikawa
The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, 2 vols (Cambridge University Press)   I 128-134   2016   [Refereed][Invited]
“What story is that painted vpon the cloth?”: Some Descriptions of Hangings and their Use on the Early Modern Stage
Mariko Ichikawa
Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre   70 2-31   2016   [Refereed]
“The stage is hung with blacke”: On the Use of Black Curtains for Tragedies in the Early Modern Period
Mariko Ichikawa
Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre   68 153-188   2014   [Refereed]


In Quest of the Meanings of "Ente"' and "Exit"/"Exeunt"
Mariko Ichikawa
Shakespeare News   41(3) 28-30   Mar 2002
The 'Onstage' and 'Offstage' Spaces on the Shakespearean Stage
Mariko Ichikawa
Shakespeare News   39(3) 18-18   Mar 2000

Books etc

The Shakespearean Stage Space
Mariko Ichikawa
Cambridge University Press   Jan 2013   
xiii+221 pages.
Shakespearean Entrances
Mariko Ichikawa
Palgrave Macmillan   Nov 2002   
xi+198 pages.
Staging in Shakespeare's Theatres
Andrew Gurr and Mariko Ichikawa (Part:Joint Work, chapters 4–6)
Oxford University Press   Feb 2000   
vi+181 pages. Short-listed for the Best Theatre Book of the Year 2000 by The Society for Theatre Research. Reissued 2012.

Conference Activities & Talks

Enter to/at the door
7th Blackfriars Conference   Oct 2013   
Shylock and the Use of Stage Doors
日本シェイクスピア協会主催 Prof. Andrew Gurr Seminar: "Shylock in Disguise"   27 Oct 2011   
Pindarus Above
5th Blackfriars Conference   Oct 2009   
A Special Meaning of "Within"?
33rd International Shakespeare Conference   Aug 2008   
Acting on the Threshold between Onstage and Offstage Spaces
30th International Shakespeare Conference   Aug 2002   

Research Grants & Projects

the original staging of early modern English plays
Project Year: 1980   
Early modern stage directions
Project Year: 1980   

Social Contribution

国際シェイクスピア・グローブ・センター公式ガイドブック日本語版 『シェイクスピアのグローブ座』(翻訳)
[Others]  Dec 1997
International Shakespeare Globe Centre の 公式ガイドブック日本語版出版にあたり、Shakespeare's Globe (Spinney Publications, 1997) の翻訳を担当
[Others]  9 Dec 2006
[Others]  14 Nov 2009