HATACHI Masanori

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HATACHI Masanori
Former Institution / Organization Yamaguchi University of Human Welfare and Culture Faculty of International studies and Informatics Department of International Studies

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyushu University
Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University


On the Ch'ao-Kung朝貢 Trade between Ch'ing and the Li-Shih Korean Empires-Particularly concerning the Rise and Fall of Trader Ch(]E86F1[)ng-Shih鄭氏-
The TOYO GAKUHO   62(3) 4合併,70-103   1981
Lin-Fu Circuit麟府路 during the Northern Song Period.
The T(]E87C7[)y(]E87C7[)shi-Kenkyu   51(3) 107-137   1992
On the Lan Tou攬頭" gathering the ginseng in the Ch'ing Eva.
Journal of the Literary Society of Yamaguchi University   49 97-106   1999

Books etc

Commercial Growth under Fan-Zhen藩鎭 of He-Bei-Sheng河北省 in T'ang Period
Archaeology and History of East Asia.   1987   
On the L(]E87E8[)n-zai攬載(cargo contract)in the Song Period
CHINA Society, Institution and Culture ESSAYS   1987   
On the procuremend and machandise of Grass in Song Period.
Historical and Social Study of indnstry and market in East Asia   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Chinese History of Song Period.
Project Year: 1967