YUKI Yoshiko

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YUKI Yoshiko
Nayoro City University
Job title
Associate Professor

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Faculty of Nursing, Chiba University

Published Papers

加藤 千恵子, 廣橋 容子, 石川 貴彦, 笹木 葉子, 南山 祥子, 佐々木 俊子, 長谷川 博亮, 結城 佳子
紀要 = Bulletin of Nayoro City University   12 63-76   Mar 2018
妊婦100 人を対象にマイナートラブルの症状と指尖脈波の非線形解析の手法を用いて,妊娠前期,中期,後期の特徴を検証した。指尖脈波は,心の外部適応力(元気さ)の指標となる最大リアプノフ指数( LLE: Largest Lyapunov Exponent) と,交感神経と副交感神経の状態から自律神経バランス( Autonomic Nerve Balance)でストレスとリラックスの状態がわかる。その結果から,「理想ゾーン」36.3%,「準理想ゾーン」51.0%,「憂鬱ゾーン」3.9%,「本能の...
加藤 千恵子, 廣橋 容子, 笹木 葉子, 南山 祥子, 長谷川 博亮, 佐々木 俊子, 結城 佳子, 容子
紀要 = Bulletin of Nayoro City University   11 17-31   Mar 2017
市民60人を対象として、指尖脈波の非線形解析の手法を用いて、炭酸浴と下半身タッチケアの効果を検証した。指尖脈波は、心の外部適応力(元気さ)の指標となる最大リアプノフ指数(LLE:Largest Lyapnov Exponent)が向上したとき、交感神経と副交感神経の状態から自立神経バランス(Autonomic Nerve Balance)がリラックスした時、バランスがとれた時に効果ありと判断する。結果、LLE・ANBの型は各々14のパターンを示した。炭酸浴は、83.3%(25/30)効果が...
YUKI Yoshiko, SUZUKI Atsuko, OHTA Tomoko, KOBAYASHI Yoshiko, SAKATA Miyoshi
Bulletin of Nayoro City University   3 15-22   Mar 2009
The purpose of this study was to clarify the learning outcomes of psychiatric nursing practicums in residential care facilities for rehabilitation of the mentally handicapped, and to examine possibilities and problems of community nursing work pla...
YUKI Yoshiko, SUZUKI Atsuko, OHTA Tomoko, KOBAYASHI Yoshiko, SAKATA Miyoshi
Bulletin of Nayoro City University   3 23-29   Mar 2009
The purpose of this study is to clarify the present state of research on elder abuse in Japan, especially abuse by families. Qualitative studies on cases of abuse suggested concrete methods for support and intervention. Also, limitations of curren...
KATO Chieko, YUKI Yoshiko, SUZUKI Atsuko, ISHIKAWA Takahiko, TERAYAMA Kazuyuki
Bulletin of Nayoro City University   3 59-67   Mar 2009
The objective of this study is to develop new audiovisual materials demonstrating how to bathe newborn infants at home and to measure their effectiveness by comparing them with existing educational materials. A questionnaire was given to nursing s...


FUNANE Hitomi, HARIMOTO Kazuko, YUKI Yoshiko, HATASE Chiemi, KATO Chieko, SUZUKI Atsuko, SHIBUYA Kayo, MURAKAMI Masakazu, WATANABE Tomoe, TERAYAMA Kazuyuki
Bulletin of Nayoro City University   41 11-23   Mar 2008
This paper reviews results of a survey undertaken to clarify post-graduation trends over a 10-year period among alumini of the Nayoro City College Nursing program. Around 500 questionnaires were mailed out to graduates. Of the 123 respondents, rou...
KATO Chieko, TERAYAMA Kazuyuki, ITO Michiko, YUKI Yoshiko, FUNANE Hitomi, HATASE Chiemi
Bulletin of Nayoro City College   37 101-106   Mar 2005
This study examines the relationship between pregnant women and their backgrounds(age,education,weeks of pregnancy,birth experience,occupation) by applying five factors of "the Life Attitude Scale" to pregnant women These five factros are "Active ...
YUKI Yoshiko, SUZUKI Atsuko
Bulletin of Nayoro City College   37 95-100   Mar 2005
In order to clarify the effect of the cooperation with psychiatric social workers in the psychiatric nursing lecture and practice,the reports of the lecture and practice were investigated.The cooperation with psychiatric social workers has a good ...
HABARA Minako, YUKI Yoshiko, SHIMOMURA Yuko, OGURI Shigeko
Bulletin of Nayoro City College   34 87-100   Mar 2002
TERAYAMA Kazuyuki, MIYAZAKI Machiko, YUKI Yoshiko, SATO Ikue, MORIMURA Hiroshi, KATO Chieko, ITO Michiko, FUNANE Hitomi, TERASHIMA Taiko, SUZUKI Fumiaki, TAKADA Satoshi
Bulletin of Nayoro City College   34 3-6   Mar 2002

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